How to Proceed: Fast-Start Instruction

  1. Confirm the cost of data recovery for your failed device. If you find it a bit out of your budget – contact us and work it out with one of our technicians by making your own offer. If you are the student, senior, or have a disability, then you may be eligible for a service discount. Please ask for details.
  2. Next step is the quick online paperwork, called the online order. With submitting the order you get registered and traceable case number. Every time you log into your case – you will get the latest status of the data recovery progress, and have an access to make a payment, the shipping calculator and other tools as Databe's customer.
  3. Select the shipping or drop-in location right in the order form and get all shipping, or driving instructions with the address, map, operating hours and other useful information.
  4. Ship or bring your failed device along with the printed paperwork, or if you did not print the online service order – then just write by hand your service order number, name and your contacts, such as phone number and email address.

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Recent Problem Solved

FAILED DEVICE: Western Digital WD20EARS-00MVWB0 2Tb Desktop Hard Drive.
24Geeks tried to recover data using recovery software. Apparently partition info too damaged. No software recovery possible. They recommended that I contact DataBE. Requested Files to Recover:
1st priority: All pictures, videos and document files
2nd priority: music
3rd priority: backup files.