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Original Seagate HD in my HP IQ506 Touchscreen AIO PC

FAILED DEVICE: Seagate ST3500620AS Desktop Hard Drive 500 Gb.
Original Seagate HD in my HP IQ506 Touchscreen AIO PC.

HP issued a warning that the Seagate HD firmware was defective. Has on HP website for IQ506 AIO touch screen PC the need to update the HD firmware to avoid the issue of the HD not being 'found' on start up. I did not know this 'emergency' update was required until AFTER the HD was not 'found' when trying to start the HP IQ506 AIO pc. The Seagate HD firmware is problem. The drive was working fine and the data was fine until the defective firmware faulted.

Here is the message on the HP website for my IQ506 AIO PC. Quote 'This information applies to HP and Compaq computers with Seagate 320GB, 500GB, 750GB and 1TB hard drives. Seagate recently informed HP of a potential issue concerning certain Seagate SATA hard drives installed in a small number of HP computers. If the computer is affected, after turning on the computer, the computer stops responding (hangs) and the following error (or similar) displays: Error - Non-System disk or disk error. Replace and strike any key when ready. NOTE: If this error has already occurred and you cannot access the data on your hard drive, contact HP for service. To prevent this error from occurring, download and open sp40966 from HP. This softpaq scans your system to see if the hard drive requires updating. If the softpaq determines an update is needed, it will create an update disc that can be used to update the hard drive firmware. The following steps explain this process.' End Quote - HELP!!!!

Request fulfilled

The client's request for the data restoration has been successfully completed. The data was recovered and delivered to client.