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Restoring crashed digital devices is the key specialty for Databe laboratory with 23 years of extensive experience in data recovery. The everyday work and new researches bring in return not only the skills like how to fix the hard drive or salvage corrupt email database, but also the knowledge how to deliver back to user the rescued files in the most effective and convenient manners. And that implies fast turnaround and guaranteed results at affordable price.

We know how it can be hard on you to go through the lost data time. To make that period less harsh we made it possible for you to stay tuned during the whole data recovery process by featuring on our site a personal case tracking system that allows you to check the updates at any time. When the job is done you will be able to browse secure online through the files - successfully restored and ready for dispatching.

When is It the Right Time to apply For Data Recovery Service? Direct way to the lab
Long way to the Lab will definitely reduce the chances of successful recovery. The unpleasant truth is that digital media fail, regardless its brand, age, or circumstances. When it does, to distinguish the right timing to call for professional help from a decent specialist is up to you. Read more...

A better Deal for the same Recovery Level Chart about recovery levels
When it comes to compare rates between industry competitors, the complexity level of recovery case is a key factor. We are the lab of experts to ensure you get the best level-to-cost ratio, because we stick to the price regardless any complications encountered on the way to retrieve and restore original files from the failed media. Even the top recovery level on the scale of damage extent will never hurt you whatever it takes for us to solve the problem. Read more...

If this is all about the cost of saving your files

How much does it cost Today's rates are covering every data recovery scenario - that includes any types of clean room delicate drive repairs and internal parts replacements. Are they firm and final? Yes and no. Yes, we keep our word and follow exactly and accordingly to every digit from that table. Why we cannot call them final? First, the cost can be reduced through price negotiations before you send the failed drive to the lab. Second, the cost can be drastically reduced or even dropped to zero if the recovery outcome is not satisfactory by any technical reason. Read more...

What is under the hood of disk repairing and file restoration process?

In-lab data recovery process will cover all clean room repairs and programming restoration steps leading to get back your files from damaged device. Databe experts work every day with internally damaged media, suffering from problems like jammed disk motor, stuck or damaged heads, clicking head actuator, disks vibration, or dusty and scratched platters, burned or damaged electronic components, ruined or corrupted operating systems or particular files. Needless to save we have experts with deep knowledge in every HDD model (new and old) as well as in every operating system, including famous Microsoft, Apple, and Linux. Virtual volumes (VMWare +other), encrypted partitions and disks are supported as well. Regardless the failure issue the failed media had undergone - from troubling to access files from corrupted disk volumes due to physical damage to internal disk platters, or software malfunction, virus attack, or restoration of lost, deleted or corrupted files, - our laboratory can handle them all. Our team of engineers will start working with the damaged media IMMEDIATELY upon its arrival to our lab. In shorter than you know you will hear from us the good news.

The symptoms of media failure are not always such obvious, unless it went from good to dead. Sometimes, the first indirect signs of drives failure may indicate the following problems:

  • Freezing or locking up the computer
  • Not detected by BIOS / CMOS
  • Hard drive is unable to access (inaccessible drive)
  • Hard drie makes a repetitive clicking sound, or few clicks and stops the motor
  • Unable to boot computer
  • The disk is asking to be formatted (re-format)
  • Unable to access drive with an error message
    "Primary Master disk failed, Press F1 to continue"

On-site search supports drives by model or part number:

New Databe Features

» Online Report for Done Job
We've created a fully featured online demo for the new data recovery report system. No need to load bulky listing with numerous lines about every recovered file anymore. Now you can browse rescued data the same way you used to observe the files on the computer by clicking on directory icons in the data tree to expand the corresponding branch of sub-folders and files inside - at any depth from the root!

Latest Data Recovery News

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My Book Essential, My Book for Mac

» Few recent requests fulfilled
  • FAILED DEVICE: Original Seagate HD in my HP IQ506 Touchscreen AIO PC.
  • Samsung HX-DU015EB/B62. I'm using this drive with Tiger 10.4.11. I tried R Tools R-Studio to do recovery
  • We obtained a new (working) controller board of the exact same WD5000AAKS type and tried it on the drive. Drive spins up OK, but is not recognized by the computer.

» New type of ZIF-24 drives in Macbook Air laptops micro drives

Zif-24 adapter for Macbook Air

What Our Customers Say...

Terry from Boston Massachusetts USA: Seagate Pipeline HD.2 ST1000322CS 1Tb external

I got lost data from my hard drive. After a power-off/on operation, the drive is no longer detected by BIOS and data is inaccessible. I'd like to retrieve all files if possible from broken hard drive. I read the recovery testimonials on web and hopefully you can help me too.

After recovery: The new external hard drive has gotten all the data from the broken one. Databe Lab reputation speaks for itself! Your support is so appreciated.

MB Industries LLC, Rayne, Louisiana USA: Hitachi 5K500 B-500 from laptop

Failed HTS545050B9A300 hard drive has no spinning sound. Machine locked up and on reboot would not see the hard drive. I attached the drive to another machine via SATA3 cable and power and other machine would not ID the drive. I noted that the drive was not spinning up probably because of stack or burned disk motor.

After recovery: Thanks a lot for your fast and accurate services. We got all of our data files back in no time after the drive crash at the unheard price here in the States. We will strongly recommend your company to all of our associates.

AMT Asset Management, Boca Raton, Florida: Western Digital WD Blue WD10EZEX-00KUWA0 1Tb

HDD failed after Power Surge. I had to order a similar hard drive in order to get a replacement circuit board for the one that was damaged during the power surge. I replaced the external circuit board on the drive and once I connected it to my computer and powered it on, the clicking sound disappeared. My BIOS recognizes that there is a drive present but it cant ID it correctly. Apparently the internal firmware on the drive has been corrupted.

After recovery: Outstanding results. Well done. My greatest appreciation to your data recovery team.

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