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Apple Laptop Recovery: How to Remove the Hard Drive

Do not forget to remove the bracket and a connector bar from the hard drive, if they used on your model. Keep them for the new drive installation.

Some of the Apple laptops (especially older models) require a bit of technical skills and patience to remove the drive with data from the computer's guts. Plus, you may need a set of special screwdrivers and other tools. Apple support recommends using a qualified service person to do it, especially, if your computer under the warranty. Hard drive removing from Apple notebook may void the warranty, and there's always some risk of accidental damage to the computer.

Bear in mind one more option. Our data recovery lab does not charge for drive extraction and you are allowed to send the whole computer in one piece.

If you are still serious about your own drive removing, here are few hints beside many of the online manuals from MAC enthusiasts and professionals, with detailed instructions how to take apart the whole computer to reach the hard drive.

What's inside your apple notebook

Simple drive removal directions for MacBook Pro

  1. Turn the MacBook Pro upside down and place laptop on a soft surface.MacPro HDD removing: Step 1
  2. Remove the bottom plate, put it to the side and disconnect the battery before you continue your further manipulations. MacPro HDD removing: Step 2
  3. The hard drive is held in place by a little piece of plastic or bracket. Remove the two Phillips screws holding down the hard drive bracket, carefully lift the hard drive out of the MacBook Pro case, disconnect the hard drive cable and use your Torx-6 driver to remove the screws from the sides of the hard drive. MacPro HDD removing: Step 3 NOTE: The older MacBook models may require disconnecting the optical drive cable, camera cable and the cables hooked into the AirPort/Bluetooth bracket (around the top left), and the AirPort/Bluetooth bracket itself. Plus, you may need to disconnect the right speaker/subwoofer cable from the logic board before disconnecting the hard drive and optical drive cables from the logic board.

How to remove HDD from old iBook G4

PowerBook G4 is the predecessor of MacBook Pro model launched in 2006.

To take apart iBook G4 you will need
√ T8 Torx screwdriver, Philips medium screwdriver
√ Small (both Philips and regular) screwdrivers
√ A very big screwdriver, in order to open the shell


You have to be brave to make such thing to your computer (taken from non-official online manual for old iBook 500):


PowerBook G4


After you are done with the hard drive removal you may proceed to placing the data recovery order.

Failed drive - MacBook Pro 2016 from Movie maker from Toronto
» To rule out a hardware issue when troubleshooting the company's computer with MAC OS X, the IT specialist ran Apple Hardware Test and performed diagnostics with extended testing option.
He found the problem with internal hard drive. The defective drive is heading to Databe lab for thorough expert data extraction.

The critical movie files in restored project folders for Apple Final Cut Pro X and iMovie are all good. No flows were detected with videos.

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