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When is It the Right Time to apply
for Data Recovery Service?

If you got damaged HDD or flash card containing the important data you must know one rule: When it comes to choose the place where to take it for a repair - you must avoid the principles of either taking the damaged device to the nearest place to you or the one promising the cheapest solution – as the both decisions might mean of risking the possibility of recovering the data as such.

The modern HDD or flash cards are nothing like broken alarm clock, when you’ve got one you take it to the repair place that is the closest to you and in case if that place could not fix it – you will take it elsewhere after. The successful outcome of the data recovery directly depends on who will be the first attempting to recover your data.

Therefore, the choice of the company where you will take your either damaged hard drive or flash card to do the data recovery, regardless whether it is your taking over years family photos or the company’s accounting records is the very, very much responsible decision. Providing the professional data recovery service for nearly two decades we have built enormous practical experience by working with the different types of hard drives, flash cards, memories and do offer our services in data recovery across Canada and USA.

Direct way to the lab

Long way to the Lab will definitely reduce the chances of successful recovery

The unpleasant truth is that digital media fail, regardless its brand, age, or circumstances. When it does, to distinguish the right time frame for the professional help is up to you. You, as the owner of your data need to draw the question about how important the inaccessible data is, and whether or not you have the luxury to keep playing, i.e. experimenting on with the failed media. Its always better if you avoid any DIY recovery or even take it up to local computer repair shops neither will offer a comprehensive data extracting service on the required level. From our point of you - do not waste your time, money and a possible chance of permanent data loss with dilettantes. Shop for the professional help, by inquiring about the level of complexity the recovery company offers, if they do not stretch their recovery field further than entry level data extraction, keep searching for a full-extent Professional Data Recovery with a clean room repair capability. The results in the end are all about the right choices youve made at the beginning. Here, at DataBE, we offer you the best solution - the excellent service at fair cost.

Kim from Green Pick HQ, NY: WD5000AAKS

A disk read error occurred during the start up. I don't think that it is an O.S. problem, but a hard drive problem. I searched into Google and tried many solutions, and it still isn't working. I configured bios option to default. I even checked my RAM (test pass OK). The SATA data signal and power cables are also connected well.

The problem is that it shows "A disk read error occurred press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart" during start up, and after pressing ctrl+alt+del my WD drive would work fine at times, then at times crash. I would restart, get a Disk Read Error, then restart again and it would work for a few minutes. On each crash I kept this restarting process going, until the HDD crashed 100% and I lost everything. Now I have a bad or possibly dead drive. Few technicians tried to diagnose failure, and the last one referred to your lab.

Most files were checked for integrity, so far no corruption found in saved documents and excel spreadsheets.