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Check Data Recovery Report and Get Data Back

Once the data restoration process is complete, the data recovery report will be emailed you. It will include a listing of recovered folders and files, as well as a few actual files, as samples, from the listing. Lastly, proceed with the payment and get your data back on the destination hard drive of your choice.

Data Recovery Report includes

  1. Text file with the list of root folders and files on each partition.
  2. If you specify the data is to recover, you will receive an attached HTML, PDF, or text document with complete list of recovered files.
    That will show you
    • the name of every document, picture, or any other file, along with its paths folders and subfolders chain
    • file's size and date of creation or last modification
    Note, the listing size can be really large, if that’s the case, then it’ll be compressed / zipped to the emailable size.
    New! Since June 2013 you may browse your rescued files online. We have many exciting new features in this online application that helps you to travel through the trees of folders with the original names for documents, pictures, and any other saved data files from your failed digital media. Try how it works on live demo job case.
  3. Samples of data: Few of the most easily recognizable examples of your data files will be also presented in the report, such as like family photos, text documents, a few emails, or screenshot of database table.
  4. Payment instructions with invoice.

What we may include in Data Recovery Report

The chief aim of recovery is achieved when we are ready to show you that once lost data is restored and saved in the exactly same order as it has been on your computer at the very last moment before crash. The picture below can look very similar to anyone who had a chance to work with the files or browse through the PC folders:


So, if you have any knowledge of the documents you had worked with before drive's failure, you are easily to recognize the same file structure we provide in the detailed report. Here is a small piece from the typical list of data. In this example, you may see all of the details about the file names, folders names, sizes of files and folders, together with the information about when documents or other files were created or edited/modified.

c:\Users\Chelsea Handler\My Documents 629,629,189
<My Music> <dir> 12/28/2017
<My Pictures> <dir> 7/18/2016
<My Videos> <dir> 11/9/2016
Outlook.pst 271,360 7/3/2016
RUN DATE.doc 248,320 9/26/2016
tag numbers.txt 7 3/8/2016
test play list.xls 24,202 3/1/2017
Setup Wiz.zip 4,086,486 5/22/2016
c:\Users\Chelsea Handler\My Documents\My Music 84,633
Al Pacino-I'm Tony Montana .wav 871,206 12/6/2016
Beastie Boys - 10 - She's On It 5,173,248 11/20/2017
Biggie Smalls - Whats Beef.mp3 5,048,320 11/20/2017
Biohazard & Onyx - Judgement 3,665,900 11/20/2017
Black Sabbath - Crazy Train.mp3 4,063,360 11/20/2017
Black Sabbath - War Pigs (Live) 9,523,200 11/20/2017
c:\Users\Chelsea Handler\My Documents\My Music\ iTunes\ iTunes Music 580,138,393
<Berlitz> <dir> 12/28/2017
<Bob Marley> <dir> 12/28/2017
<Compilations> <dir> 12/28/2017
<Frank Sinatra> <dir> 12/28/2017
<My Chemical Romance> <dir> 12/28/2017
<The Cure> <dir> 12/28/2017
c:\Users\Chelsea Handler\Favorites\Automotive 4,868
Hybrid Electric Cars 174 11/3/2016
Consumer Reports Ratings and recommendations available 233 5/23/2016
Muscle car parts 218 3/12/2017
Year One automotive performance and restoration parts 122 6/6/2017
c:\Users\Chelsea Handler\Favorites\Baseball 3,428
Baseball Almanac The Official Baseball History Site 207 7/28/2017
RFK Stadium 176 3/29/2016
Local Newspapers 192 9/28/2017
Johnny Detroit's Let It Ride Sports - Inside Wide 190 4/14/2017
MAJOR STATS 200 4/13/2017
Olympic Sportsbook 183 4/15/2017
Phil Erwin's Baseball Insight Column Archive 174 3/25/2016
c:\Users\Chelsea Handler\Favorites\Boating\ 421
Chris-Craft Original Literature 90 3/21/2017

In case, if we detect any defects of the physical nature in the files (i.e. unrecoverable sectors on drive due to mechanical damage to internal disk platters), we will save those in the separate directory. Some of those partially corrupted files can be used later to restore some documents. Others, like movie or audio files are not very sensitive to the loss of a few sectors in them and might be used with no further extra repairing.

As an alternative to multipage text reports you can chose windows-based application to check recovered data. See how it works:

Go to Data Viewer

It will allow you to browse through the trees of folders with recovered files the same way you use MS Windows Explorer tree. So, you will be able to see a full listing of your recovered files in an organized, easy to search format!

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