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How do I know that my Drive has been recovered?

Once the recovery process is finalized and data have been recovered from the failed storage device, we will provide you with a list of successfully recovered data files and folders.

A few recovered documents and pictures will be supplied together with the report as the examples of your personal and easy recognizable data. For some cases, just to confirm the integrity of some specific files, we make few screenshots for MS Excel tables, Outlook emails. Also by your request, to furnish more evidence of recovered data, we can check the most important data of major software applications for consistency.

The complete list of all recovered files and folders is available to browse online for every job. Plus downloadable version of text or pdf-format report is also available.

The fast and easy way to explore rescued data is online browser. That advanced online application was designed to meet the requirements for the most demanded customers. The built-in search engine helps you to find every instance of data with full path from the root to the searching item just by entering a partial name of wanted needle.

Try the live-demo of the report and check how easy your data can be checked before you make your decision to take the data or drop the case.

Online File Browser
Online File Browser

From Roberto R. M. M & N Lambretta, Oakland, CA: Fujitsu laptop - drive is not in BIOS, clicking on booting.

Hello Everyone, You have made my day and saved my butt !!! Thank you. Roberto

From CBIS INC. WEST BROOKFIELD, Massachusetts United States: Seagate ST94811A laptop - I was traveling on business and my computer bag did fall from the car seat on to the floor while driving to the airport. The bag was a very well protected and cushioned bag. Upon arrival at the hotel I plugged the Ethernet cable into my computer and started my computer. Microsoft outlook began to load and it froze. I tried to end task but it did not allow me to, I shut off the computer. When I tried to start the computer again I got the prompt that the hard drive was not detected. I called dell and they had me try to re-boot and it would not. They indicated that the hard drive had crashed.

Dear DataBe.com team,
I have received my DVD's and my hard drive from you today. THANK YOU VERY MUCH for recovering all of my important files and all of my memories.
I really appreciate it,
Jeff N.

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