We Guarantee:

You do not pay until the data you need is recovered.

No beforehand payment is ever asked, nor accepted ahead of our Recovery Report

You may proceed with the payment only after you have reviewed the recovery process results and satisfied with its outcome.

Otherwise, no recovery labor charge.

DataBe provides fast and strictly Confidential Service.

100% Guaranteed Firm and Final Price
for the Successful Full-Scale Data Recovery Service

The service cost includes all drive parts, repair and data restoration procedures that are required for the successful and verifiable result. The online outlook of all recovered data is always provided before you pay (see example how Databe Data Browser works), and no charge if you unhappy with the result.

Data Recovery for Desktop/Laptop computers+External drives
HDD - Hard Drive Data Recovery
SSHD - Solid State Hybrid Drive Data Recovery
SSD - Solid State Drive Data Recovery

Regular DayTime Sevice Emergency Day-and-Night Rush Service
0.1 - 599.9 Gb HDD/SSHD/SSD Drive
$488 $688
600 - 2,099 Gb HDD/SSHD/SSD Drive
$588 $790
2100 - 3,000++ Gb HDD/SSHD/SSD Drive
$688 $890

RAID - Array of few Hard Drives Data Recovery
(RAIDs of all types: RAID0, RAID1, RAID5, RAID10, and so on)

DayTime Service Emergency Rush Service
0 - 2,099 Gb Total capacity of all drives in RAID
$980 $1280
2,100 - 7,099 Gb Total capacity of all drives in RAID
$1280 $1600
From 7100 and bigger Total capacity of all drives in RAID
$1500 $1900

Flash Memory Data Recovery
(NAND devices: USB memory keys, SD-cards)

DayTime Service Emergency Rush Service
Recovery for partially accessible device
$300 $488

Firm Price for Full-Scale Data Recovery Service covers all required levels of recovery for faulty data storage device. Please, give it a careful thinking and not wasting the first chance (most successful) of data recovery with the entry level services. If something goes wrong with the drive during those entry level attempts, its sensitive magnetic disks, containing your information may be turn into dust by extensive overusing of already failed device, by applying the improper data recovery techniques. We guarantee that with us you will be the steps ahead in data rescuing and your drive will be served with the highest standards in industry.


  1. We don't charge for transferring the recovered data to spare drive.
    The spare (destination) drive must be provided or can be purchased later on - after the data recovery process completion, or shipped along with the damaged drive or device in for recovery.
    For the small amount of recovered data we offer furnishing data to a DVD – free of charge and/or online download. The optional drive imaging (HDD clone) or special requests may be subject to extra charge.
  2. The return shipping cost is not included in the recovery cost. The official UPS shipping calculator is a part of our payment system, where you select the UPS delivery method option of your choice.
  3. We will not charge for data recovery service if you are not satisfied with the recovery outcome outlined in the data recovery report provided. The data recovery report will be emailed you for your review before you pay, thus no payments in advanced ever asked.
  4. When you register your order, you may check the recovery-in-progress status online at any time.

More details about data recovery deals

1. Why Flat Rate and Firm Prices for Failed/Broken/Damaged Hard drives

When the failed media suffers the obvious symptoms of failure - making abnormal sounds, not-spinning, not in BIOS, etc., we encourage you to proceed with our Flat Rate pricing. DataBe proudly offers the most competitive absolutely FIRM prices along with the top-end professional service and the fastest turnaround recovery time. If you go with the fixed cost service – first of all, you do not need to worry about the cost going up, secondly, our data recovery specialist team does not need to spend any time for evaluation & price negotiation processes, and thirdly, the recovery process will start straightaway upon the failed media's arrival to our lab. All you need to do is just let us to work on your device and wait till you get the results outlined in the data recovery report.

What's included in Firm Price Deal

Firm price covers ALL recovery procedures, including
  • Clean Room Repairs (for all internal damages like clicking noises, heads damage, motor problems, severe media damage to platters; these problems are fixed by opening up the hard drive under clean room conditions)
  • Firmware problems (Internal microcode damaged)
  • Electronic components (Burned PCB)
  • Software recovery (File System corrupted; viruses; deleted files, etc.)
One Flat Price covers all recovery cases, regardless the data loss issue.

2. Turnaround Time

Turnaround time depends on the type of service you chose and complexity of the case. It can take a few hours for the emergency or easy recovery cases and up to five days for the low-priority cases.

  • The regular turnaround time typically takes 3-5 days
  • The Emergency service takes around the clock, non-stop work on the device. Same day if possible, or normally 1 to 2 days.


When you order the emergency service plan, the assigned dedicated Data Recovery team works with the damaged media and upon the finalization of the data recovery process will contact the client immediately.

The EMERGENCY SERVICE recovery cost is indicated in the price table above. Please be aware of, in some complex recovery cases the data recovery process time may be affected by the capacity of hard drive and / or its condition of internal disk platter surfaces.

3. Parts

No additional charge for using our parts. We stock spare parts almost for each existing hard drive model. Some conditions may apply.

4. Data Backup and delivery

No charges for copying recovered data on to spare drive (provide your own or purchase one from us).

You also may order some other EXTRA backup options at reasonable prices.
We recommend making a "hard copy" of your recovered files, by ordering it on DVD's.
Also, you may order an exact replica (so called HDD-clone) of your original failed drive to a new hard drive (a good chance to boot up Operating System from the original computer). Note, in some recovery cases HDD-cloning option is not available, due to recovery case outcome.

The return shipping and handling cost is not included in data recovery price.

5. Tampered drives

The tampered drives are the subject of the additional charge.

What is Tampered drive?

Tampered means opened. To avoid any delays, please inform us about tampering when submit the case

  • if the hard drive cover has been opened (for example, for the internal disk platters inspection)
  • or drive has a damaged label (covering the hidden screw holding the drive cover)
If the hard drive cover has been opened before it came in to our lab (for example, for the internal disk platters inspection by another data recovery company or by a friend of yours), or drive has the damage to the top label that covers the hidden screw that secures the drive cover, any hand-soldering reworks to electronic components on PCB are also considered as tampering with the device. If any of the above applies to your drive - you must indicate that in the order form.

6. Payment

No up-front payment is ever asked. You pay only when the data recovery process is completed and you are satisfied with the results. Please, do not submit any payments before you receive a comprehensive recovery report from us.

For detailed information about our other optional services you may order, conditions, shipping cost, etc., please refer to other source.

From Dentist clinic in Mississauga: Toshiba MQ01ABB200 2Tb external mobile - Local IT technician performed some diagnostic tests and tried new circuit board, but did not open the drive's cover. Some faint clicking sound is coming from inside the drive. According to Google you know how to handle this model in your data recovery lab. Documents and projects are critical.

Fast data recovery for seemingly inevitable data loss case.

From Carla C., Toronto, ON Canada: HGST Laptop 1 Terabyte laptop - We were checking email and then the computer froze; it was turned off and then would not turn back on again. No recovery attempts were made thus far.

The recovery result is absolutely amazing and accurate.

From Roberto R. M. M & N Lambretta, Oakland, CA: Fujitsu laptop - drive is not in BIOS, clicking on booting.

Hello Everyone, You have made my day and saved my butt !!! Thank you. Roberto

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