Why to pay more?
DataBE offers much better service/cost for the same complexity level of data recovery, compared to other industry competitors.

If you don’t like playing with 5-digit service level lottery, you are at the right place.

We would love to turn your uncertainty into confidence and bring that 5-level system down to 2-level, making it just and right for the owners of problem drives.
For example, all defective and failed hard drives fall into one single category – data recovery from bad hard drive, and every case has its firm price table.

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Always a better Deal for the same Recovery Level

Most likely, you have already heard about some sort of gradation scale for data recovery jobs by its complexity, starting from Level 0 for easy recoveries, and ending as Level 4 - for most complicated cases.
Is there anyone who likes playing five-level-lottery when the data you just lost is too valuable to lose, but the cost has its limits? Who can guarantee that after free evaluation the numbers ($$$$) for service to be done will match your budget? You do not need to listen or read a long, full-of-unknown words evaluations, written by technicians for technicians, you are too anxious to find out the answer to your principal question: how much is it going to cost you to have the job done?

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Compare 2010 Year Databe's rates with other companies in industry

Level Graph: Comparing DataBE rates to other companies in industry (2010 Year)

To turn your uncertainty into confidence we are able to give you straight answer to the how much question.
To stop beating around the bush DataBE has only two (2) firm prices for each data recovery case scenario.

First case scenario: let say you have lost data, but the hard drive, itself is not broken.
We match all easy levels (Level 0-2) to one flat rate for software recovery, because those first three levels are just the variations of logical failures (re-formatting, accidental deletion, file system crash, and so on).

Second case scenario: retrieving files from defective / damaged hard drive.
All of defective and failed hard drives fall into one single category – data recovery from bad hard drive, and all those cases have their own firm price table. Those prices are affordable for everyone, who has valuable data and don't want to be trapped and/or ripped off by mysterious Level 3 & 4 in sophisticated market game.

Referring to Severe Damage Levels

Normally, under Level 3 category belong the clicking / noisy hard drives, or right the opposite - silent drives (dead) when the internal disc platters are not spinning, or the drive is not recognized by the computer.
No doubt, those data recovery marketers tell you about Level 4 data recovery. Of course, that definitely requires extensive procedures in a clean room. Technically, it is very hard to distinguish the line from Level 3 & Level 4. And it is always about more money…

With DataBE all clean room repairs are covered at the same low-priced flat rate. Moreover, we have the most advanced and technology in replacing heads and absolutely unique the Safe Transplanting Platters System (no analogs in the world to compare to effectiveness and failure-proof for precisely aligning the platters on the spindle).

By the way, we would rather award with imaginary Level 5 degree for those recoveries involving transplanting platters, than the spindle motor seizes (stuck or frozen), but it will be unfair for the really die hard recovery cases, when the scientific skills of our specialists involved in recovery from hard drives with lost or corrupted microcode in service area.

The choice who to trust is always yours. Make a right one! Good luck!