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Sony VAIO laptop: How to Remove the Hard Drive

Before you start:
  • Turn off your computer. Remove the battery
  • Locate the hard disk bay on you computer
  • Remove screws securing the hard drive cover and remove the hard drive

If you want remove the Sony VAIO hard drive, we recommend that you allow a qualified service person to do it. If you decide to remove the drive yourself, follow these instructions carefully.

1. With your Sony VAIO turned off, all cables disconnected from it, and the battery removed, turn it
over on a flat, stable surface so that the bottom of the computer is facing you.

Using a small screwdriver, remove all screws which you found on the bottom.

We advise you to mark all case screws, some are longer than others.

2. Remove the keyboard/cover

Turn your Sony VAIO back over onto it’s bottom, open the screen, and remove the keyboard.

Under the keyboard you will find few more screws. Unsrew them, now you may lift the upper part of computer frame up.

Now you have access to hard drive to remove it..

Do not forget to remove the tray and a connector bar from the hard drive, if they used on your model.

Keep them for the new drive installation.

Sony HDD Location example: What’s inside the Vaio VGN

Inside the Sony Vaio VGN

After you are done with the hard drive removal you may proceed to placing the data recovery order.

Failed drive - HGST Laptop 1 Terabyte laptop from Carla C., Toronto, ON Canada
» We were checking email and then the computer froze; it was turned off and then would not turn back on again. No recovery attempts were made thus far.

The recovery result is absolutely amazing and accurate.

Failed drive - HGST HTE541064A9E680 laptop from WCS - Americas Field Operations NCR WATERLOO, Ontario Canada
» Failure: Cannot BOOT PC - receive the following error: Primary hard disk drive 0 failure. Strike the F1 key to continue, F2 to run the setup utility.
I can not see the drive electrically in the BIOS or SETUP as a D Drive or the secondary drive.

We are so pleased with the recovery results. Working with you is a great experience. We've tried some recovery companies before, but none of those could deliver such great results on super prompt base. You are amazing!!!
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Failed drive - Seagate ST94811A laptop from CBIS INC. WEST BROOKFIELD, Massachusetts United States
» I was traveling on business and my computer bag did fall from the car seat on to the floor while driving to the airport. The bag was a very well protected and cushioned bag. Upon arrival at the hotel I plugged the Ethernet cable into my computer and started my computer. Microsoft outlook began to load and it froze. I tried to end task but it did not allow me to, I shut off the computer. When I tried to start the computer again I got the prompt that the hard drive was not detected. I called dell and they had me try to re-boot and it would not. They indicated that the hard drive had crashed.

Dear DataBe.com team,
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