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Databe Warranty and Guaranties

We guarantee the result

Our services meet the highest standards in the data recovery industry. Our engineers and technicians in the lab work hard to retrieve every recoverable byte of information from failed data medium.

We guarantee to provide detailed information in regarding to recovery process outcome, before you make a payment. The recovery report will give the broad picture of recovery results. Typical recovery report includes: listings of recovered files and folders, actual samples of recovered files which are helpful to estimate the real value of recovered data. The integrity of important files can be checked (when possible) and confirmed at special request.

We guarantee not to charge for our service if you unhappy with result. We get paid only if you are satisfied and agreed with the recovery report.

Warning: The nature of data recovery business applies a simple requirement on our business transaction: There is no return point once you pay and data are released to you. That is company's policy. Non-negotiable. So, please take your time and carefully review the recovery report before you process the payment, ask as many questions as you like until you are sure that the recovered data is what you expect.

Furthermore, we guarantee and provide an additional data recovery attempt for cases, when the customer finds out that some of extremely important files are corrupted or missed.

We provide one-month warranty on the data media, exceptionally purchased from us, from the date of its release to you. The defective media (hard drive, CD/DVD) has to be shipped to us (return shipping cost is on you). The replaced media will be shipped to you only after the defective piece is received here. We exchange and send the replaced media back at our expense.

Here is what we do not and cannot guarantee There is neither magic nor miracles in the real world that can help to recover the lost data from scratched, extremely corrupted, or overwritten sectors on the hard drive. That is why as professional and honest as we are: no data recovery specialist ever can guarantee the successful recovery outcome in advance, based on the described symptoms from the customer.

Overall, in a few words: We will do our best in succeeding to recover your data. We guarantee to recover everything what is yet recoverable on the failed disk, as we are on the same team and will help to put your mind at rest.

From Certified general accountant in Toronto, Ontario: Seagate 7200 RPM external - Seagate backup drive is not working and making a busy signal sound (it's ringing like a telephone). It has suddenly stopped working after a dropping accident. Probably, the spindle is stuck and the motor cannot revolve the disks during start up. It needs your help to fix the bad hard drive or quickly restore QuickBooks database.

The required QBW file is downloaded and successfully integrated into the re-installed accounting program.

From Gilbert T. Tampa, FL USA: IBM laptop - Cause of failure was some water spilled on the laptop while running. The liquid shorted the HDD circuitry and the motor. Drive dos not power-on or spin.

Thanks for your hard work and especially the option of the disc re-image. That could prove to be the life saver.

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