DELL HDD removal manual
To extract a Hard drive from Dell laptop:
  • Turn off your computer. Remove the battery
  • Turn the laptop upside down
  • Remove screws securing the hard drive cover and remove the hard drive.

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Dell laptop computer:
How to remove the hard drive

Step-by-step instruction

This is an universal drive removal insturction for all Dell notebook computers, including Inspiron, Latitude, and Smartstep models.

  1. Make sure your computer is turned off and battery removed.

  2. Turn the computer over, and keep the front of machine towards you.

  3. First you must locate, and remove the drive retaining screw, which should be located on the bottom, or side of the notebook. If you have difficulty locating your notebook hard drive, refer to your notebook documentation for further assistance.

  4. Pull the hard drive out of the computer. There is usually a pull tab, or handle to remove the drive. A small flat headed screw driver might also be needed to ease the drive out.

Remove the bracket and connector from the drive

Once the drive is removed, the drive bracket must be removed from the original drive. To do this use a Phillips screwdriver to remove all the necessary screws.

Typically, the hard drive will be attached to a bracket by 4 screws. An example is given pictue. Pull the drive free from the bracket.

If there is a connector bar, make sure to carefully remove it as well.


After you are done with the hard drive removal you may proceed to placing the data recovery order.

Failed drive - Toshiba MK6026GAX laptop from Eric F. Houston, TX USA
» The noise from my hard drive was getting louder and louder. Sometimes it would make light clicking noises (not like the ones I heard on your website). Then one day my computer froze on me (for the first time ever). Out of frustration, I hit the computer lightly and the hard drive made this weird quick screeching sound (like a car stopping to quickly). After that, the hard drive just stopped spinning. I sent my hard drive in at a local place for evaluation, this guy didn't know what he was doing, because he immediately put his fingers all over the hard drive, and he even dropped it. Of course after taking it for a while, he returned saying he couldn't do anything about it.

Thank you guys for everything, I mean it...

Failed drive - Seagate ST94811A laptop from CBIS INC. WEST BROOKFIELD, Massachusetts United States
» I was traveling on business and my computer bag did fall from the car seat on to the floor while driving to the airport. The bag was a very well protected and cushioned bag. Upon arrival at the hotel I plugged the Ethernet cable into my computer and started my computer. Microsoft outlook began to load and it froze. I tried to end task but it did not allow me to, I shut off the computer. When I tried to start the computer again I got the prompt that the hard drive was not detected. I called dell and they had me try to re-boot and it would not. They indicated that the hard drive had crashed.

Dear team,
I have received my DVD's and my hard drive from you today. THANK YOU VERY MUCH for recovering all of my important files and all of my memories.
I really appreciate it,
Jeff N.

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