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What happens if I Open the hard drive cover?

Opening the hard drive will not only void the manufacturer warranty, but also can render your data to zero and void. Clean room laboratory operates in carefully controlled environments to prevent contamination of crystal clean and smooth data disks from contact with any contaminant particles in the air.

A single tiny speck of dust would cause the devastating effect for data integrity since any mechanical contact with moving part of drive (the drive’s heads) will scratch the surface with magnetic layer of digital information. Even if some part of your data can possibly survived after such unauthorized intrusion into storage device, it will cause a big deal of problem for data restoration specialist to work with tampered drive and make the recovery more costly and complicated.

Some of Open Hard drives are impossible to recover



From IT specialist in Toronto: WD 1.0TB WD10JMVW laptop - I did try to use the Hard Disk Test on my HP laptop and got an Error log: Hard Disk failed with failure ID PGAM70-.., description Hard Disk 1. I hope the physical condition of the hard disk is not beyond your ability to fix the problem and retrieve data and files of it.

Perfect result, your assistance is invaluable.

From NYC: Toshiba laptop - When the laptop suddenly slowed down, the technician ran the hard drive test. Apparently the test passed and problem was seemingly found and repaired, bad sectors found and re-mapped. However, in less than an hour we found out that repairing made the bigger problem with access to data. It looks like something stuck inside the drive (probably the spindle seizure or heads sticking to the platters). We did not have a chance to save all what we need to backup storage.

Perfect result of your recovery services.

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