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How Can I Prevent Data Loss?

Well, the word 'backup' would be and is the answer to that, but by the time you learn that - it may sound just a bit late for the situation when you are having the problems with the already-failed drive and no back up whatsoever or some old back up with no needed data for the moment.

So, for the moments like that you still can do things to conserve your files for further successful recovery and prevent data from being destroyed – just by following our small advices.

When your computer fails, or you are experiencing the sudden failure of data media, or simply loss of your data, take these simple steps:

  1. Turn off the computer, unplug the power cord. If it is a laptop computer, remove the battery.
  2. Remove the hard drive from the computer's case. Use some other spare hard drive (preferable some new one!) to check, test or repair your computer. Keep the original/failed drive, containing your data separately, in the safe remote place from any magnetic exposure.
  3. 3. With any suspicion of the hard drive failure do not try to fix it yourself, especially, if the data is too important to get compromised and messed up with. Avoid by all means any help from drive's manufacturers, computer shops - as they are really no experts in data recovery field and can really sabotage the drive's integrity, causing permanent data loss. Entrust the data drive to professional data recovery specialists only.

Generally, advising on preventing data loss on your functioning computers is to perform the regular backup routine of all your valued data. Having a good regularly updated anti-virus software package, will also help in some protection against data loss.

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