HDD removal manual
To extract the hard drive from Acer desktop computer:
  • Before you open the case, turn your computer off and unplug the power cord from the wall outlet.
  • Gently lay down the computer on a flat surface to access the side panel of the unit.
Haw to remove failed hard drive of system case
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Acer Aspire

Acer Desktop Computer:
How to Remove the Hard Drive

Removing a failed hard drive from Acer desktop computer is pretty easy operation.
Normally, to open the case you need remove couple of screws located on the front side of the case.

Acer Veriton models have a case lock. You'll need to push the case lock to the right and pull the side panel toward you to remove the side panel.

To Open the case remove a side cover

Inside the case locate the hard drive and unplug power and data cables. Slide the drive out of the bay. If the hard drive has a brackets remove them for the future using with a new hard drive.

After you are done with the hard drive removal you may proceed to placing the data recovery order.

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Recent Problem Solved

I just wanted to write and say THANK YOU! My 75 year old sister has an Acer Verition M410. She was told by a Microsoft tech to open the case and vacuum it out. She spent eight hours trying to get case open! Imagine the frustration of a 75 year old trying to accomplish this. She called me and I spent two hours searching ACER Support, Google, Yahoo nobody had info on a LITTLE BLACK CASE LOCK except your site. I found information on the info.com address. Sincerely, Jay Strauss

From Nathan R. Zenden Multimedia Coral Gables, FL: Seagate Barracuda 7200.7 with ST3400632AS name for model number - Drive is failed in OS. Hot swap incident. Circuit board fried, possible R/W head damage. Tested with new circuit board.
Tested with new Firewire Enclosure. Tested with Desktop ATA connection. All tests failed to mount drive. Probable Head damage.

Drive with recovered data received. Data Copied and Duplicated x 2. Thank You Thank You Thank You,
Nathan R.

From Douglas L. Toronto, ON Canada: Toshiba MK4021GAS laptop - The drive became noisy. I thought the fan was malfunctioning. I shut it down and had the drive replaced by Fujitsu (the notebook is an S series Lifebook) I plugged the drive in using a USB connector but it would not spin.

Thank you for recovering my data on such prompt base, really appreciate it.

From John S. Dana Point, CA USA: Western Digital WD2000BB - 00DWAD - External LaCie Drive (with Western Digital HD) would not boot, so I replaced the power supply -- it booted just fine. Powered down for a couple of weeks. Updated the System software from a previous version of Mac OS X.4 to X.4.6. External drive failed to boot and could not be recognized by Disk Utility or Disk Warrior. Tried to get drive to work by changing out power supplies several times. No luck. The LED power light flickers repeatedly, both when the drive is powered and not plugged into the FireWire and when it is plugged to the FireWire and computer.

Thank you for recovering my data, it's much appreciated.

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