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What are the techniques used to recover data?

Data Recovery process may vary from quite simple software recovery techniques to the chain of various sophisticated technological techniques involving processing disks with fine mechanic tooling in the clean room, reconstruction of destroyed elements of the drive - such as electronic circuit elements or pieces of original firmware.

So, basic recovery techniques can be divided into following groups:

  • Software Recovery Techniques
    Generally only restore data not yet overwritten. Does not work on physically damaged drives. Example: dd command on linux
  • Clean room recovery techniques Mechanical repairs involve the disks, motor, or head replacements, fine tuning, balancing, etc.
  • Microelectronic repairing techniques
    involves PCB rework and repair
  • Firmware reconstruction techniques
    involves developing software and hardware tools to bypass damaged pieces of internal program code
  • Direct raw scanning techniques
    involves reading digital information from inaccessible device for the following data processing
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