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Data Recovery from mechanically well-functioning Hard Drive

Before using a data recovery software you must make sure that Software recovery tools can be applied only to the fully functional hard drive in the working condition. It must be obvious that you have a mechanically and electrically functional hard in your hands before continuing working with running device and applying any kind of drive-interacting software and manipulations, including data recovery software utilities.

Computer's BIOS/CMOS has to correctly identify the model of the drive, of course.

Moreover, even if the drive is detected by computer, it is not nearly enough to say for sure that your drive is 100% functional. The drive is fully functional only if all sectors on the disks are readable. When the drive has problem with accessing the sectors (for instance: of one of the heads is damaged, or drive has a damaged surface, i.e. micro scratches), any attempts to use software data recovery tools lead to the further data damage, very often making data recovery impossible.

Before using any recovery utilities, be sure your drive is fully functional: mechanically and electrically.

If you suspect any of hardware problems:

  • Do NOT run any repair utility as they can further aggravate the problem. The purpose of such utilities and what they are made for is to rectify the anomalies in the file system, but useless against other issues

  • Do NOT let anybody, even your support engineer, aka IT support experimenting with the failed media.

  • Do NOT keep working on the media.

If you hear any of strange noises (grinding or clicking) coming from your hard drive this can be an indication of a hardware/physical problem. Continuing to operate your system may damage your hard drive beyond repair and/or cause permanent data loss. Professional data recovery company is the only solution for such situation, do NOT delay and apply for its service while the data is still recoverable.
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Failed drive - Fujitsu MHS2030AT laptop from Humberto A. Buenos Aires, Argentina
» Most important data: Outlook files (.PST) and Profile files for user vadjovaz
Failure occurred: Impossible to access drive
Drive in BIOS: No
Clicking: No
Spinning: Yes
Recovery attempts: Connected to another notebook/PC. Drive not opened.

Dear team,
We have received DVD's, and properly restored the user's information.
Thanks a lot for your work! Very impressive!
Humberto A.

Failed drive - Seagate ST3500841NS Barracuda NS.2 from Jan O.M. Mashburn Construction, L.P. Roopville, GA USA
» Recognized by BIOS - no, spinning sound - yes. I did send this to a local guy to try to restore data. He was unsuccessful.

I think I have everything I needed. I will recommend your services any time I have the opportunity. You have made me very happy. Thanks. Jan M.

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