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My drive had few partitions.
Will I have the access to all of them after recovery?

If the failed hard drive has multiple partitions, after recovery the restored data from each partition will be saved in its own separate folder. That is a basic data backup method we use and offer to our customers.

To move the retrieved data to your computer and organize it the same way before failure, you will need to prepare your computer. Take a new hard drive the same or bigger capacity. Partition and format disk the way you like it and install operating system with all your favourite software on clean drive. Then, you go ahead and copy all needed of the recovered files and folders to locations in accordance to appropriate paths on corresponding partition.

HDD Clone

For the most successful recovery outcomes, when all or nearly all sectors from the failed hard drive were accurately scanned and placed onto image, you will be offered to order a CLONED hard drive, the exact sector-to-sector copy of your original failed drive to the new spare drive of the same size or bigger.

What is CLONED Hard Drive?

If the system data on the original drive was intact at the moment of disk's failure, then you will be able to boot the clone drive on your original computer.

If you've succeed booting the clone drive on your computer, it'll mean: no necessity to neither, partition your new drive, nor install operating system and all those applications along with loading the restored data to it. Besides, all data from each partition will be exactly at the same spot as the last time you worked on your computer prior drive's crash.

In the situations, where it appears that the system is corrupted, there is yet the opportunity to undertake the system recovery, by applying the special system recovery techniques.

Once the data recovery process is finalized, data recovery report will be emailed you. Generally, the report shows the recovery results from each particular partition (the file's samples will be included as well). After reviewing the recovery process results you make a decision on which data back up option is the most suitable for your needs. The shipping method of returning the data is all yours too.

Safety tips from Databe

  • The most critical moment for data safety is timely turning of your computer.
  • Remove from computer and keep that hard drive in safe place separately.
  • Test and repair your computer only with other spare or new hard drive.
  • If it turns out that the computer is working fine with new hard drive, we recommend you to ship the suspicious drive to data recovery professionals.

From Jan O.M. Mashburn Construction, L.P. Roopville, GA USA: Seagate ST3500841NS Barracuda NS.2 - Recognized by BIOS - no, spinning sound - yes. I did send this to a local guy to try to restore data. He was unsuccessful.

I think I have everything I needed. I will recommend your services any time I have the opportunity. You have made me very happy. Thanks. Jan M.

From NYC: Toshiba laptop - When the laptop suddenly slowed down, the technician ran the hard drive test. Apparently the test passed and problem was seemingly found and repaired, bad sectors found and re-mapped. However, in less than an hour we found out that repairing made the bigger problem with access to data. It looks like something stuck inside the drive (probably the spindle seizure or heads sticking to the platters). We did not have a chance to save all what we need to backup storage.

Perfect result of your recovery services.

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