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I tried a new (working) controller board of the exact same type

Small amount of liquid was spilled onto drive in the SATA connector area. Liquid mostly affected the 15-pin power connector, and caused a short circuit local to that area. Short circuit did not cause power supply to fail (was probably not a complete, zero Ohms short circuit). Liquid spill happened while drive was unattended and while computer was in sleep mode. Liquid short circuit probably lasted for several hours, and caused connector plastic to heat and slightly melt at the connector, also caused damage to two of the copper pins on the SATA connector and some corrosion on PCB. Liquid was isolated to just SATA connector area. Tested surface mount fuses on PCB with Ohmmeter, and they appear to be open-circuit (fuses SK1, SK3, SK4).

We obtained a new (working) controller board of the exact same type and tried it on the drive. Drive spins up OK, but is not recognized by the computer. New controller PCB is exactly identical except for code number on U1 (firmware IC??). We have enclosed the new PCB along with the drive -- you may use it for repair or parts for this repair.

We would prefer that you are able to repair this drive and make it fully operational again, but we have also enclosed an additional hard drive that you can use to copy the recovered data to. We would prefer that all of the data be recovered, but the most important data should be prioritized (as noted above). Thank you!

FAILED DEVICE: Western Digital WD5000AAKS Desktop Hard Drive 500 Gb
Operating System: MAC
Requested Files to Recover: Recover All Data and examine important; All files in folders which names or contents contain: Lady Godiva, Rapunzel, The Fab (or just Fab), Rubber Soul, Revolver

DataBe Lab: Request fulfilled

The client's request for the data restoration has been successfully completed. All files were successfully recovered and delivered to client.