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What is Data Recovery

The word DATA for regular computer user means his digitally created text documents, pictures or photos, databases, email messages, accounting or tax reports, and any other useful and meaningful pieces of information or software stored on digital recording devices like a hard disk drive.

Data Recovery is the process of retrieving back data from failed, damaged, or inaccessible computer media (such as hard drive or flash memory) by the recovery experts. The damage to the storage media can be categorized in to physical damage and logical damage. Your data can become inaccessible due to mechanical or electrical malfunction of the device itself or a software problem, computer virus, or a human error. Physical damage will at times results in data loss and logical damage needs to be corrected since it may result in inaccessible files or corrupt files.

It was validated technically and statistically: the success of most data recovery varies from case to case, and it mostly depends on how quickly the hard drive was TURN OFF after its initial failure occurred. In other words, how quickly the owner of the drive or helping him a computer repairman recognize the problem and interrupt any access to malfunctioning disk, because the excessive testing or overusing device after initial crash is always causing worse data loss disaster. Picking the right professional help is also critical factor that makes difference between life and death for your digital organ, the difference between recoverable before recovery prognosis and unrecoverable after recovery verdict.

It is very important to remember when you have any suspicious hard drive behavior. If it fails – do not postpone by trying to power up the computer for internal drive, or the drive itself if it’s external kind with the hope that the very next power up will bring your files back and make them accessible – as it’s not likely, but instead rush and contact a professional data recovery specialist, while there is still a good chance to salvage your information. Also we would not recommend run any tests on the bad drive, as it just can be a cause of the catastrophic possible scenario for the sensitive magnetic data layers, making data permanently unrecoverable.

Digital Restoration

At DataBE Laboratory, we use only non-destructive recovery procedures to read and restore lost data. Each sector of failed/damaged drive has to be scanned and copied to the disk image before any further recovery steps. All researches and file structure restoration will be processed safely on the image, and never on the original failed drive. Regardless of the cause of your data loss, the recovery experts are able to recover the lost data successfully in most of the cases, including the very complex ones. When there is any data yet recoverable at all – you will get it regardless the type of the damage caused to the storage media.

From Stuart A. Tokyo Japan: Western Digital WD2000JS-19MHB0 SATA - There was no warning of failure that is the PC did not crash, nor did I detect any clicking noises. Just found one day that the PC would not boot up. Under closer inspection I found the Drive to be completely dead - the HDD motor does not rotate.

I thought I should let you know of what an amazing job your data recovery team did by working on my hard drive. I got the so-called the clone drive on the new hard drive and it works so good, seems like the failure never occurred. Frankly, I could not expect more, all my thanks to you guys. Kudos!!!

From NYC: Toshiba laptop - When the laptop suddenly slowed down, the technician ran the hard drive test. Apparently the test passed and problem was seemingly found and repaired, bad sectors found and re-mapped. However, in less than an hour we found out that repairing made the bigger problem with access to data. It looks like something stuck inside the drive (probably the spindle seizure or heads sticking to the platters). We did not have a chance to save all what we need to backup storage.

Perfect result of your recovery services.

From Humberto A. Buenos Aires, Argentina: Fujitsu MHS2030AT laptop - Most important data: Outlook files (.PST) and Profile files for user vadjovaz
Failure occurred: Impossible to access drive
Drive in BIOS: No
Clicking: No
Spinning: Yes
Recovery attempts: Connected to another notebook/PC. Drive not opened.

Dear DataBe.com team,
We have received DVD's, and properly restored the user's information.
Thanks a lot for your work! Very impressive!
Humberto A.

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