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IBM / Lenovo notebook computers:
How to remove the hard drive

Universal drive removal insturctions for all IBM Thinkpad notebook computers

1. Make sure your computer is turned Off. Turn the computer over, and keep the front of
machine towards you. First you must locate, and remove the drive retaining screw, which
should be located on the bottom, or side of the notebook. If it is not you should make sure
your notebook hard drive is accessible before trying to upgrade your notebook. If you have
difficulty locating your notebook hard drive, refer to your notebook documentation for
further assistance.

2. Pull the hard drive out of the computer. There is usually a pull tab, or handle to remove
the drive. A small flat headed screw driver might also be needed to ease the drive out.

Remove bracket and connector

3. Once the drive is removed, the drive bracket must be removed from the original drive. To do this use a Phillips screwdriver to remove all the necessary screws. Use this picture as and example.

Typically, the hard drive will be attached to a bracket by 4 screws. Pull the drive free from the bracket.

If there is a connector bar, make sure to carefully remove it as well.

ThinkPad 770, 770E, 770X and 770Z

Turn over the laptop and remove the battery. Turn the computer upside down. Then

ThinkPad 770, 770E, 770X and 770Z - HDD removal

1. Remove the security screw [1]. Use a 2.5-mm allen wrench or a flat-bladed screwdriver.

2. Slide the latch marked [2] all the way to the left to disengage the cover latch.

3. Swing open the drive cover [3] as shown on the picture, then remove the cover and set it aside.

[4]. Grasp the blue plastic pull tab attached to the drive and pull the drive from the computer.

Unscrew the bracket from hard drive and save for future use.

After you are done with the hard drive removal you may proceed to placing the data recovery order.

Failed drive - HGST HTE541064A9E680 laptop from WCS - Americas Field Operations NCR WATERLOO, Ontario Canada
» Failure: Cannot BOOT PC - receive the following error: Primary hard disk drive 0 failure. Strike the F1 key to continue, F2 to run the setup utility.
I can not see the drive electrically in the BIOS or SETUP as a D Drive or the secondary drive.

We are so pleased with the recovery results. Working with you is a great experience. We've tried some recovery companies before, but none of those could deliver such great results on super prompt base. You are amazing!!!
Thanks again and will definitely do business with you again.
Jeff M.

Failed drive - Lenovo ThinkPad T430 Laptop from Jacksonville, Florida, United States
» Drive won't spin up! The only attempt to make it spin was switching the boards with the identical hard drive, but unfortunately it didn't work, must be something wrong inside. Drive wasn't opened and has all parts on; the boards were switched back after it got me nowhere. Please recover all data in 'Documents and Settings' folder, including files in subfolders, too.

I received the recovered files on new replacement drive and would like to thank you for your awesome work: all files are good and nothing is missing! I take off my hat before you! when I was shopping around for data recovery service, the quoted prices put me so down because they were so high, but after some net search I found you, even though I had my doubts to send drive to the foreign country and stuff. But you made everything even better than I could dream of. Thanks a lot!

Failed drive - HGST Travelstar Z7K500-500 HTS725050A7E630 laptop from Angela S., Toronto, Ontario, Canada
» It's clicking HGST 500Gb drive from old computer. Everything was fine. I bought the new laptop and as a part of deal in Best Buy they were supposed to transfer files from old laptop to the new one.
When I came to pick up the laptops the technician said that the drive from old laptop failed and they don't do recovery from drives with physical damage, and now I need a reliable data recovery to repair drive and restore the files from it. I'm so pissed off, but need a data.
Your company was recommended by a friend, so I rely you can help.

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