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I tried R Tools R-Studio to do recovery

I'm using this drive with Tiger 10.4.11. The backup drive (a different external drive) was accidentally erased, and when I attempted to run a new backup, it kept freezing. I discovered that the Samsung drive had bad sectors, and every time a backup program hit a bad sector, it stopped backing up (iBackup, SuperDuper!). I finally tried R Tools R-Studio to do recovery. I managed to save a few folders, but now it can only access very few files, telling me that there is an input/output error or a bad sector. I can't clone the drive, I can't copy files, I can recover, but not very well. The drive keeps getting slower and slower. The folder structure is still sound - you can see the all the files. The drive has never been opened.

FAILED DEVICE: Samsung HX-DU015EB/B62 External drive 1500 Gb
Operating System: MAC
Device has One Volume only

DataBe Lab: Request fulfilled

The client's request for the data restoration has been successfully completed. The data was recovered and delivered to client.