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What is your success rate?

Currently, there are a lot of speculations on the internet in regarding to the success rate of data recovery. Asking recovery rate from data recovery lab is like asking average body temperature in the hospital, where some patients are with high fever and other are cold corpse… yes, that’s giving you the 36.6 average. This joke is reminding that the differences matter, especially in situations when the actual spread of values in certain criteria niches is much more important than an average (which can be very misleading).

If we have a close look on the incoming row of failed hard drives, they are always different on the scale of data damage. Fair portion of incoming drives are in fairly good condition and 100% recoverable, and the others ones are completely destroyed, damaged beyond recovery by any advanced specialist.

Databe success rate
Success Rate comparison by major data loss issue and by HDD brand

For example, let’s say some of the data recovery companies are able to perform only basic (entry level) data recovery procedures and they take in only the entry level. The full-service data recovery companies are able and deal with the recovery cases of any difficulty levels, including the absolutely hopeless ones. So, how would you calculate the success rate for those if the work performed on the polar levels, but in the same serving industry? There is no scale for that, as well as not possible to compare the success rate of the transplant surgeon and the general practitioner.

Here in the lab, we have to cope with the badly damaged hard drives as well as the other data media on the daily basis. Each third hard drive comes in to our lab from the third party (data recovery companies, computer shops, computer technicians), meaning the drive had been attempted to be recovered unsuccessfully whether by one of the numerous data recovery companies out there, or worse, by vulgar unprofessional intrusion of some computer technicians from local computer shops. As consequence of those hardcore recovery undertakes the recovery rate for such cases cannot be above and rather lower of regular cases, we receive from the average customers. To compensate our extra time and labor efforts, the extra tampered fee will be applied to any open hard drive.

Overall, our company has achieved the industry leading data recovery success rate for the most critical data recovery cases. Our success is based on our 15 years of experience focused solely in data recovery techniques. Our engineers are equipped with the right tools and set to get the job done successfully from the beginning.

From Warren M. Grand Junction, Colorado USA: HGST Z7K500-500 laptop - Failure: read errors booting, along with clicking noise. Grub boot loader works but drive gets seek errors in Linux and blue screens in Windows.

Thank you SO much for recovering my data!!! It looks great, just as it never crashed, so happy...
Best Regards,

From Humberto A. Buenos Aires, Argentina: Fujitsu MHS2030AT laptop - Most important data: Outlook files (.PST) and Profile files for user vadjovaz
Failure occurred: Impossible to access drive
Drive in BIOS: No
Clicking: No
Spinning: Yes
Recovery attempts: Connected to another notebook/PC. Drive not opened.

Dear DataBe.com team,
We have received DVD's, and properly restored the user's information.
Thanks a lot for your work! Very impressive!
Humberto A.

From CBIS INC. WEST BROOKFIELD, Massachusetts United States: Seagate ST94811A laptop - I was traveling on business and my computer bag did fall from the car seat on to the floor while driving to the airport. The bag was a very well protected and cushioned bag. Upon arrival at the hotel I plugged the Ethernet cable into my computer and started my computer. Microsoft outlook began to load and it froze. I tried to end task but it did not allow me to, I shut off the computer. When I tried to start the computer again I got the prompt that the hard drive was not detected. I called dell and they had me try to re-boot and it would not. They indicated that the hard drive had crashed.

Dear DataBe.com team,
I have received my DVD's and my hard drive from you today. THANK YOU VERY MUCH for recovering all of my important files and all of my memories.
I really appreciate it,
Jeff N.

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