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How Long Does Data Recovery Take?

Our data recovery lab operates 24/7. Every drive is being looked at upon its arrival to our lab with no delay. However the turnaround differs from case to case and depends on selected plan as well as other factors that could affect a particular project.

Here is a list of most significant complementary factors contributing to the extension of time to complete the data recovery project:

  • Selected plan (regular vs. emergency)
  • The required amount of data to be recovered
  • The capacity of the failed media
  • The type and model of the media
  • The data encryption
  • The degree of data loss, corruption, and physical damage to media

The emergency service turnaround time typically takes to complete 24-48 hours, but the deadline is yours. All rush orders executed in non-stop round-the-clock style.

The regular service is finalized within 5-7 days (standard no-rush daytime service).

Data must be delivered in time

Some recovery operations are time consuming, especially for drives with the extra large capacity. For example, when a magnetic layer on the spinning platters (disks) is heavily damaged, we use specialized hardware and software tools to create the raw image by examining the low-level data sectors (Magnetic force microscopy used to analyze the magnetic patterns stored on a medium). This is then converted into readable data and recovered to the new media. Then Software recovery specialists analyze, fix & recover data from raw images. Imaging alone may take up to few days of recovery time, especially for severely damaged devices.

Our goal is to deliver your data back within the time frame of the chosen service (emergency or regular). However, due to exceptional complexity of data recovery process for some of the cases, there will be times when it will take a bit longer. In that case we will contact you and provide with an estimated time to restore the lost data and finalize the recovery process.

From CBIS INC. WEST BROOKFIELD, Massachusetts United States: Seagate ST94811A laptop - I was traveling on business and my computer bag did fall from the car seat on to the floor while driving to the airport. The bag was a very well protected and cushioned bag. Upon arrival at the hotel I plugged the Ethernet cable into my computer and started my computer. Microsoft outlook began to load and it froze. I tried to end task but it did not allow me to, I shut off the computer. When I tried to start the computer again I got the prompt that the hard drive was not detected. I called dell and they had me try to re-boot and it would not. They indicated that the hard drive had crashed.

Dear DataBe.com team,
I have received my DVD's and my hard drive from you today. THANK YOU VERY MUCH for recovering all of my important files and all of my memories.
I really appreciate it,
Jeff N.

From Wil P. Limburg, Netherlands: Toshiba MK4019GAX laptop - I have a serious technical problem with the hard drive; it is not in BIOS and makes so much of a strange noise.

I'm very happy to see that it was possible to recover my data!
Wil P.

From Computer Logistics Corp. Jason K(tech) Redding, California United States: Western Digital WD15EADS 1500 Gb - Failure: Clicks

Dear DataBe,
We are very pleased with the results and thank You for your recovery services.
Damien O. (owner)

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