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1 Ximeta NDU10-500 Ethernet and USB 2.0 Combo 500GB
2 Ximeta NDU10-400 Ethernet and USB 2.0 Combo 400GB
3 Ximeta NDU10-300 Ethernet and USB 2.0 Combo 300GB
4 Ximeta NDU10-250 Ethernet and USB 2.0 Combo 250GB
5 Ximeta NDU10-160 Ethernet and USB 2.0 Combo 160GB
6 Ximeta NDU10-120 Ethernet and USB 2.0 Combo 120GB
7 Ximeta NDU10-80 Ethernet and USB 2.0 Combo 80GB

Recent Problem Solved

Seagate ST31500541AS Barracuda LP SATA3 external
Non-English characters CRC is the failure. (Possible corruption?) No clicking, no spinning recovery attempts: hooked up to external USB shell. That's it. PLEASE HELP MEEEE!!!! :)
Thank You!!! Thank You very much for the help. -Aaron L. Aaron L. San Ramon, California United States

Barracuda 2Tb
The motor driver chip on the circuit board blew up and the motor won't run. Tried a board from the exact same HDD model in which the board looked the same. It ran the drive, but could not copy files. Got errors.
The result is what exactly we are looking for Computer Diagnostics, NYC

Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 ST3300820AS external
After few clicks inside the drive it just came up asking to reformat and I didn't want to do that because I would lose all my software.
Dear Sirs, I got my drive with data and I'm very pleased with the results. Good work!!! Kudos... Marquis G. Fayetteville NC USA

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