Fujitsu Drive Data Recovery Fujitsu hard disks for notebook computer

In spite of the fact that the older Fujitsu drives had tendency to fail overtime, we love them for giving a good chance of data preservation on the crashed disk. The smooth magnetic disks have the very good chance to survive after heads crash thus gives us the pretty effective data recovery outcome for almost every file restoration project.

The transfer of Fujitsu's hard disk drive production to Toshiba

After 35-year history of drive production, Fujitsu had transferred its HDD design, development and manufacturing over to Toshiba and discontinued the HDD head business. The consolidation of the two HDD businesses enables Toshiba to reinforce its position as a leading vendor of small form-factor HDDs (2.5" & less HDDs for laptops/netbooks) and data storage system applications for the enterprise level servers. Many of the earlier models, most if not all of legacy Fujitsu drives still work fine in the notebook computers to these days. Databe Drive Repair Lab is to continue working with all old and new drive models, regardless if ones come in for the recovery to us under the new brand name. Some of the legacy models are not included in the subjoined list of Fujitsu hard drives, yet we serve them all, the rest can be found on the site search.

2.5" or smaller Fujitsu hard drives in Laptops or external USB devices

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Searching for bargain data recovery for Fujitsu? Think again about guaranteed result against tempting but meaningless words

Glenn Z., Wichita, Kansas, United States : Fujitsu MPG3409AT

Drive appears as not spinning. There were no warnings before the failure. A friend of mine knows a little about computers, so he had a look and told me that drive was busted. We did not do anything and yes, it's got all the original parts on. No partitions. It was running Windows ME. This Fujitsu is 40GB and it's pretty much full, as I was thinking to upgrade it to the bigger size. Ironically, it failed. If I could have a clone of this 40GB drive on another drive but bigger - that'd be perfect.

After recovery:

... I appreciate your support in my situation. The drive-clone is booting fine and all looks just fine. ...

Donald E., Victoria, British Columbia, Canada : Fujitsu MHV2060BH SATA laptop

I heard of you from a friend and trust that you're reliable data recovery and is able to help me with this 60 gb disk from HP Pavilion laptop computer. The drive is recognized by BIOS, I even can see the folders, but can't access any of it. The deadline is coming my way and I'd like to get this done ASAP or sooner. Let me know what else you need to put this job into express line. The emergency rate was selected for the order, but I thought to give you a bigger picture, why this is a rush.

After recovery:

... my mind at rest at last. Finally it's not spinning uncontrolled. You made me a sane person! Thank you very much for all your work in recovering my data. The way you work is perfectly impressive, and I'm still puzzled: how you handle that much pressure from customers with a massive mental meltdown, as myself??? it's just the thought of 'what if?' couldn't keep me calm. Thank God it's over and it was a hard lesson to learn of backing up the work... Good luck!

Paulina H., Barrie, Ontario, Canada : Fujitsu MHV2120AH laptop

The drive just quit working without giving any warning. I turned on laptop as usual, but nothing happened just blue screen: no error message. Tried to reboot it a few times, still nothing. The local computer repair shop told me that there is a firmware problem and suggested to look for a reliable data recovery service. The guy at work gave me your contacts.
The email files are the most priority, anything else would be a great bonus and are the same value to me (tax returns in Quick Tax, MS Excel, Word, Power Point, QuickBooks), some scans, don't care about system files nor program files.

After recovery:

... would love to thank you for your outstanding work in restoring my files. Your devotion to the problems of others is simply amazing. The customer service was so pleasant and helpful every time I'd called. Now it's my turn to pass the word around about your service. I'm glad that as an expensive and professional data recovery firm as you are here in Toronto...