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Toshiba 3.5-inch SATA DT01ACA200 HDKPC09A0A01 2Tb Hard Drive

Data Recovery: 3.5-inch SATA DT01ACA200 HDKPC09A0A01 2Tb
Family: 3.5-inch SATA
Capacity: 2000 GB
3,907 029,168 LBA size in 512-byte sectors
Part Number/Code HDKPC09A0A01
Model: DT01ACA200

How much is data recovery cost?

DataBE offers professional, honorable data recovery service at $588 flat. We can rescue the lost data from crashed DT01ACA200 HDKPC09A0A01 2000 Gb Toshiba hard drive. The great new addition to our website is the tracking case device that allows getting the current status at any time during the ongoing recovery process.

Getting back lost files

Do not ignore the problem with your failed disk. It's safe for data when it's done in a professional way by the team of engineers in the clean room environment. Databe Lab is efficiently organized with proper tools and equipment to facilitate effective file retrieving from all types of damaged computer data storage devices.

3.5" Hard Drive (from Desktop PC or MAC) Regular Service
(3-5 days)
Emergency Service
Toshiba 3.5-inch SATA DT01ACA200 HDKPC09A0A01 2Tb Hard Drive
Start Data Retrieval Job for this drive:

You make a deal, we do the rest. Know the service cost in advance and save time, funds, and nerves.

We Guarantee:

You do not pay until the data you need is recovered.
No beforehand payment is ever asked, nor accepted ahead of our Recovery Report.
You may proceed with the payment only after you have reviewed the recovery process results and satisfied with its outcome.
Otherwise, no recovery labor charge.
DataBe provides fast and strictly Confidential Service.

Recovering data from a crashed hard drive: Seagate 7200 RPM external
Seagate backup drive is not working and making a busy signal sound (it's ringing like a telephone). It has suddenly stopped working after a dropping accident. Probably, the spindle is stuck and the motor cannot revolve the disks during start up. It needs your help to fix the bad hard drive or quickly restore QuickBooks database.
The required QBW file is downloaded and successfully integrated into the re-installed accounting program. Certified general accountant in Toronto, Ontario

Error code when boot computer. Seagate ST3300622A
The hard disk is not powering on at all; after moving from out of state and putting together my computers, I noticed one of my hard drive failed to power up. I tested it several times. Other hard drives worked fine. Also tried it on different desktop computers. I'm thinking the data platters are ok, but clearly power or motor components have failed on this drive.
Dear Data Recovery Team, I'd like to thank you for your great job working on my hard drive and retrieving the data off of it. I got it all back and I think it is pretty amazing what you do. Thanks again!!! Gwendolyn A. Ann Arbor, MI USA


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