Hints from S&R Department

From our experience we know that many customers using their own packaging materials available at hand. The most common of such: plastic bags or zip-bags to enclose their hard drives instead of antistatic ones; crumpled paper as cushioning, instead of foam-rubber or bubble wrap; sometimes the bubbled envelopes are used to ship the small (from laptop) hard drives.
Technically, there is no much difference between the standard packaging and improvised, as long as the failed media packed with precaution and secured firmly inside of package.

Well, the improvised packaging is OK. Just please keep in mind that extra precaution with boxing of your failed media is always a plus.

Shipping instructions

Major Databe Recieving Centers in USA and Canada*

USA U.S.A. Shipping Address
Canada Canadian Shipping Address

* We also have a growing list of walk-in and drop-in locations. Those locations with detailed directions, maps, and operating hours will be offered to select from the list in online service form.

Before preparing for shipping your package, you must place an online data recovery order, then print the your order and with shipping insitructions on it.

If you've done with order already, LOGIN to obtain detailed shipping instructions for your order.

The basic shipping hints and examples are provided here to give you a general idea about shipping a failed device to our data recovery lab.

Example 1: Cardboard box with the foam-rubber cushioning:

Foam-Rubber for cushioning


Example 2: UPS Express box with the bubble wrap cushioning:

Bubble Wrap for cushioning


You may also follow the common packaging preps to ship a failed hard drive as well as any other failed data storages:

  • To ship a BARE hard drive: Remove and retain all brackets, mounting screws and interface adapters unless otherwise instructed.
  • To ship the WHOLE unit (external enclosure, laptop, etc.) include all needed accessories and software (like power adapters, cables, drivers, controllers, etc.)
  • Place the drive inside a plastic bag (preferable anti-static material or wrap in aluminum foil). Suspend the hard drive in the center of a sturdy box of foam-rubber or bubble wrap around all sides. Use crumpled paper as cushioning material to fill any empty spaces in shipping box.
  • We recommend to ship hard drives via air service to minimize handling, such as UPS Express or UPS Expedited services, although the choice of the shipper is yours.
  • Include a printed copy of your order in the package along with your failed hard drive and ship out.
  • We accept all courier companies, but advise you to use a shipping method with ability to trace shipment.
  • We accept Saturday Delivery shipments before 4pm EST.

It's a good idea to use a shipping service with tracking capabilities, such as

UPS 1-800-744-7877
FedEx 1-800-463-3339
DHL 1-800-225-5345
Purolator 1-888-744-7123


Databe Recovery Lab delivers data to the client fast and safe

Richard G.T. Executive Director, MIS Garden Fresh Restaurant Corp. : Toshiba MK3021GAS laptop

System failed to complete boot process, getting stuck before finished. Attempted to do image backups to an external USB drive using Acronis (Linux based image), it reported errors reading the drive, and when errors were ignored and only backed up 200 MB(compressed) of what should be 6 GB(compressed)Attempted to install as a second drive in a desktop, drive was detected but could not be properly recognized. Drive spins and does not click. BIOS HDD Self test causes the drive to spin, reports Read Failure.

After recovery:

Everything has worked out just fine, thank you very much for your work.
Rich T.

IT specialist in Toronto : WD 1.0TB WD10JMVW laptop

I did try to use the Hard Disk Test on my HP laptop and got an Error log: Hard Disk failed with failure ID PGAM70-.., description Hard Disk 1. I hope the physical condition of the hard disk is not beyond your ability to fix the problem and retrieve data and files of it.

After recovery:

Perfect result, your assistance is invaluable.