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1 Seagate STAA1500100 FreeAgent GoFlex USB3.0 1.5TB
2 Seagate ST910004FAA2E1-RK FreeAgent Go USB2.0 1TB
3 Seagate STAA1000100 FreeAgent GoFlex USB2.0 1TB
4 Seagate STAA1000101 FreeAgent GoFlex USB3.0 1TB
5 Seagate ST908804FAA2E1-RK FreeAgent Go USB2.0 880GB
6 Seagate ST907504FAA2E1-RK FreeAgent Go USB2.0 750GB
7 Seagate STAA750101 FreeAgent GoFlex USB3.0 750GB
8 Seagate STAD750100 FreeAgent GoFlex Pro USB2.0 750GB
9 Seagate STAD750102 FreeAgent GoFlex Pro USB3.0 750GB
10 Seagate ST906403FGA2E1-RK FreeAgent Go USB2.0 640GB
11 Seagate ST906403FNA2E1-RK FreeAgent Go USB2.0 640GB
12 Seagate ST905003FAA2E1-RK FreeAgent Go USB2.0 500GB
13 Seagate ST905003FPA2E1-RK FreeAgent Go USB2.0 500GB
14 Seagate ST905004BDA101-RK Replica USB2.0 500GB
15 Seagate STAA500100 FreeAgent GoFlex USB2.0 500GB
16 Seagate STAD500100 FreeAgent GoFlex Pro USB2.0 500GB
17 Seagate STAD500102 FreeAgent GoFlex Pro USB3.0 500GB
18 Seagate ST903203FGA2E1-RK FreeAgent Go USB2.0 320GB
19 Seagate STAA320100 FreeAgent GoFlex USB2.0 320GB
20 Seagate ST902503FGA1E1-RK FreeAgent Go 250GB
21 Seagate ST902503FGA2E1-RK FreeAgent Go USB2.0 250GB
22 Seagate ST902504BDA101-RK Replica USB2.0 250GB
23 Seagate ST901603FGA1E1-RK FreeAgent Go 160GB
24 Seagate ST9160821U2-RK Portable 160GB
25 Seagate ST901203FGA1E1-RK FreeAgent Go 120GB
26 Seagate ST9120801U2-RK Portable 120GB
27 Seagate ST910021U2 Portable 100GB
28 Seagate ST910021U2-RK Portable 100GB
29 Seagate ST9100801U2-RK Portable 100GB
30 Seagate ST900803FGA1E1-RK FreeAgent Go 80GB
31 Seagate ST980801U2-RK Portable 80GB
32 Seagate ST90000U2 Portable USB2.0 60GB
33 Seagate ST960801U2-RK Portable 60GB
34 Seagate ST940801U2-RK Portable 40GB
35 Seagate ST68022U-RK USB 2.0 Pocket 8GB
36 Seagate ST68022CF ST1.2 Series (1-inch microdrive) 8GB
37 Seagate ST68022XF ST1.2 Series (1-inch microdrive) 8GB
38 Seagate ST660211U-RK USB 2.0 Pocket 6GB
39 Seagate ST66022CF ST1.2 Series (1-inch microdrive) 6GB
40 Seagate ST66022FX ST1.2 Series (1-inch microdrive) 6GB
41 Seagate ST650211U-RK USB 2.0 Pocket 5GB
42 Seagate ST64022CF ST1.2 Series (1-inch microdrive) 4GB
43 Seagate ST64022FX ST1.2 Series (1-inch microdrive) 4GB

Recent Problem Solved

Western Digital WDBACX7500ASL, WD Passport Essential SE, 750 Gb external laptop
The computer just shut down and when I rebooted it didn't boot back up. I tried media tools. As it appears the drive makes clicking noise.
Thanks for your services, you did an A+ job.. I'm very pleased with your work.. Al Al H. Humaneering, Inc. Solon, Ohio USA

Western Digital WDME2500 My Passport Essential 250 Gb external laptop
The hard drive doesn't spin and isn't recognized by the BIOS system. Try to access the hard drive many times via BIOS, Diagnostics by DELL software, Try to access the drive via USB adapter.
Thanks for your excellent service... Juan C. R. Bogota, Colombia

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