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1 Kano FW800 HardBox 800 400GB
2 Kano FireWire 800, 400 and USB 2.0 SureFIRE800 80GB

Recent Problem Solved

Seagate ST31500541AS Barracuda LP SATA3 external
Non-English characters CRC is the failure. (Possible corruption?) No clicking, no spinning recovery attempts: hooked up to external USB shell. That's it. PLEASE HELP MEEEE!!!! :)
Thank You!!! Thank You very much for the help. -Aaron L. Aaron L. San Ramon, California United States

Seagate ST320005FPA2E3-RK FreeAgent XTreme 2Tb external
The hard drive is making persistent clicking sound. I've tried a different USB enclosure (NexStar caddy) and got the same noisy symptom.
Thank you for your outstanding services, we appreciate that very much! James G., Olathe, KS USA

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