Seagate Laptop Hard Drives Supported for Data Recovery Seagate hard disk drive for notebook computer

Even the seemingly bad condition of failed drive is not the reason for a panic. The files that are located on unresponsive to any computer commands device – yet can be transferred with the right hi-tech tools. The effect of physical impact on the smooth disk magnetic layer can be minimized with the proper diagnostic timing. The lesser time the disks were spinning after its initial crash - the better recovery chance will have the particular case.

Mobile Seagate Hard Drives for Laptop/Notebook computers or portable external enclosures (2.5" or smaller)

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Mobile /portable external drives:

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What Our Customers Say...

Dave B., Chicago Illinois, United States: Seagate Barracuda ST3750630AS external

The hard drive was inserted inside of LaCie's external case. The disk was on when the power surge happened, after that it could not be recognized by computer. In the computer shop the hard drive was removed from its external case and tested with the internal damaged. They also recommended the recovery service. I don't need the hard drive I just need the data from it, there are tons of family photos and home movies, all other files are less important, but would be nice to have back.

After recovery: It's so great to have all our things back! It means so much to us. I'll recommend your data service to anyone who's got in the same trouble. It was very smooth process and we're very much happy to deal with Databe professional data recovery team. Our sincere regards.

Justin K., San Jose California, United States: Seagate Momentus 7200 laptop

I dropped my laptop accidentally and now the drive isn't working, maybe not spinning - I'm not sure. I'm a student and cannot afford the local places that offer recovery services, but I desperately need my online books, assignments, projects etc. any help (student discount?) would be greatly appreciated. I never made any back ups and I have so little time to meet the deadline, so I guess it's an emergency service with a payment selection for standard time.

After recovery: Can't thank you enough for your consideration to my situation. I got my files back in 3 days with the regular service, and upgrading the delivery back to overnight without charging a penny extra. You've been a huge help in the meltdown of mine, and I know the local recovery firms couldn't match even close what you offer.

Gabe U., Toronto Ontario, Canada: Seagate Momentus 7200.5 laptop

This is drive of the client. She needs her MS office work (*xls, *doc, *ppt, *mdb, *rtf) and emails (*pst) to get recovered. Drive is not responded to software data recovery and that's all we could do. Hopefully you can do more in your lab with your level of expertise.

After recovery: Glad you could help us with this. All looks good and the client is pretty happy. We presume we can do more business with you! From time to time we have customers, who are looking for data recovery and the damaged to the drive requires more than we do here. Thanks on this on again!

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