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Data Recovery Report Viewer as Windows Application


The most informative part of data recovery report is a complete listing of recovered files and folders from your failed data storage. As an alternative to multipage text reports you can chose windows-based application to check recovered data. With this report viewer you don't have to flip through hundreds of pages of text to find the recovery status of your important files. You will be able to pin-point the status with just a few clicks using that little viewer software. It will allow you to browse through the trees of folders with recovered files the same way you use MS Windows Explorer. So, you will be able to see a full list of salvaged files in an organized, easy to search format! Please note, this software application can be launched and used only with MS Windows environment (or emulators like VMWare).

The application is portable, meaning no installation is required. However, some of the basic level of knowledge and experience to work with files on the computer (coping and navigating) is required from user to launch and operate this simple program. The look of Report Viewer is the same as standard MS Windows Explorer.

Data Viewer

In addition to this application you will you get the set of files that we include in the regular report: the file samples, such as a few family photos, text documents, emails, or screenshot of database table - all you need to recognize your own data.


Since June 2013 you may browse your rescued files online.

We have many exciting new features in this online application that helps you to travel through the trees of folders with the original names for documents, pictures, and any other saved data files from your failed digital media.

Try how it works on live demo job case.