What is Online Data Recovery Report? It’s all about browsing your rescued files!

Here is an example of online report. Just imagine that this might be your real data and you need to explore the recovery results by browsing through the trees of rescued files and folders.
Click on any folder (BLUE) and see how it works!
• Explore the recovery report the same way you do it on your computer in the file manager.

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  Breaking News Latest News Current News - FOXNews.com.url1,133url22.12.2011
  CBSSports.com Sports News, Fantasy Scores, Sports Video.url670url22.12.2011
  Comcast TV Show Listings Airings Online Channel Movies Sports Kids HD Fancast.url376url22.12.2011
  Conservative News, Issues, Political Cartoons, Blogs, Talk Radio, Commentary from Townhall Conservatives.url1,928url22.12.2011
  DRUDGE REPORT 2010®.url166url22.12.2011
  ESPN - Best Ball Majors Challenge - lashleyp entry 1.url292url22.12.2011
  Hot Air.url337url22.12.2011
  Intellicast - Shreveport Weather Report in Louisiana (71101).url1,451url22.12.2011
  KEEL-AM Shreveport - KEEL-AM Shreveport - News Radio 710 KEEL.url281url22.12.2011
  Michelle Malkin.url275url22.12.2011
  NASA - Home.url205url22.12.2011
  RushLimbaugh.com Home.url271url22.12.2011
  Sweetness & Light.url232url22.12.2011
  TV Listings - MSN TV.url3,433url22.12.2011
  Welcome to AnnCoulter.com.url3,308url22.12.2011