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Type Date
Job Descriptions Folder 
Management Meetings Folder 
New Employee Training Folder 
  BENEFITS SUMMARY.doc26,624doc26.01.2012
  Copy of PE Percentage.xlsx37,015xlsx22.06.2012
  Employment Application.pdf694,752pdf21.09.2009
  Eng Computers.xlsx8,657xlsx18.08.2010
  Engineer Count.xls17,920xls22.02.2011
  Engineering Costs.xls32,256xls19.08.2008
  Engineering Department.xls34,304xls16.09.2008
  Engineering Functional Chart 5-9-09 (3).xls77,824xls07.10.2009
  Engineering Team.ppt360,448ppt26.08.2008
  Meeting Agenda 9-17-08.doc20,480doc16.09.2008
  Our Blue Cross Blue Shield representative.doc34,304doc21.02.2010
  Payroll Change Notice Rev. 07.06.2011.xlsx63,318xlsx12.09.2011
  Project Engineering Assignments.xls26,112xls23.12.2008
  Proposed Engineering Department.xls36,352xls26.08.2008
  Restructuring of Project Execution Team.ppt440,320ppt26.08.2008
  Summary of Resumes from 11-2-08 Ad.xls18,944xls08.11.2008