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Type Date
  90259 Building Weight Calculator.xls43,008xls07.10.2010
  after hours_0001.pdf39,079pdf05.06.2010
  Blank Calc Sheet .xls18,432xls18.10.2008
  Blast Damper Pressure Loss.xls61,440xls06.10.2009
  Building Weight Calculator.xls25,088xls12.11.2010
  CAD Info & Checklist Rev 1 on 4.8.08.doc171,008doc20.01.2009
  CALC COVER.XLS24,576XLS31.05.2000
  Calculation Cover Sheet.XLS81,920XLS16.02.2011
  Capital Appropriation Request (CAR).xls887,296xls15.04.2010
  Crimp Weights.xls27,136xls20.05.2009
  Electrical Checklist.doc65,024doc24.01.2009
  Electrical Panel Calculations.xls71,680xls15.04.2009
  Engineering Calculation Pad.xls30,208xls09.06.2009
  Expense Report.xls51,200xls16.07.2008
  Geometric Properties.xls22,528xls23.05.2009
  HVAC Schedule.pdf348,196pdf06.02.2009
  INTERIOR SCHEDULE.xls48,128xls22.02.2009
  MBI Letterhead.docx272,335docx07.04.2011
  MBI New LOGOS.ppt844,288ppt12.04.2009
  MBI Site Visitor Form 2.doc318,464doc22.11.2011
  Payroll Change Notice Rev. 04-09-2012.xlsx64,092xlsx30.04.2012
  QD 7.4-02 Requistion Form.xls81,920xls03.11.2010
  Required Paperword for Guards.msg318,976msg05.06.2010
  Requistion Form.xls435,712xls12.12.2008
  Shipping Plan.xls118,784xls21.01.2011
  site del form_0001.pdf39,339pdf05.06.2010
  site visitor form.pdf118,742pdf30.07.2010
  ssa materials removal_0001.pdf59,879pdf05.06.2010
  Steel BOM.xls25,088xls09.02.2009
  VISITOR NOTIFICATION PROCEDURE.docx13,636docx23.02.2012
  Weld Wire Calculations.xls448,000xls15.03.2011