What is Online Data Recovery Report? It’s all about browsing your rescued files!

Just imagine that here might be your real data and you have the instant access to remote storage and able to check the result online, directly from your computer. Note: We removed few features from this demo report such as search engine and downloadable part, but you will see those in the actual report.

Instant access to rescued data with Online File Explorer

• This is a live data recovery report (demo) where you can click on every folder and browse to every recovered file and see its details.
• Browse your data to verify the successful data recovery result.
• Explore the recovery results by browsing through the trees of rescued files and folders.
• The Online Explorer below works the same way as the file manager on your computer
Click on any folder below (BLUE links) and see how it works!
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Type Date
Forum Folder 
Gamma Folder 
Guides Folder 
Joint Strike Folder 
Payment details - Visa_files Folder 
  10 Ideas to Have in Mind.docx10,881docx20.11.2010
  Advent Calendar.xls24,064xls11.12.2010
  Attack Timing.xlsx246,621xlsx10.07.2012
  Below is a list of all current claims by members of League of Warriors.docx14,099docx08.01.2011
  BN Leadership Roles.docx11,549docx07.05.2011
  City Analysis.xlsx116,729xlsx13.08.2011
  Dark Sun.xlsx8,949xlsx24.11.2010
  Dear HerzogHabsburg.docx21,106docx12.11.2010
  Defense thoughts.docx12,258docx12.05.2011
  Defensive Strategies.docx24,702docx04.12.2010
  draxaslord 09.docx13,559docx10.12.2010
  Draxaslord attack.xls25,600xls13.11.2010
  Gamma Wall Report.xls764,928xls04.04.2011
  Gold Receipts.xlsx10,344xlsx07.08.2011
  Grepolis Leaders.docx11,128docx31.12.2011
  Grepolis Support.docx13,358docx05.03.2011
  Grepolist Grid.xlsx11,104xlsx25.05.2012
  How to Conquer.docx12,406docx01.12.2010
  Kappa Wall Report.xls485,888xls19.12.2010
  Leadership Structure.vsd745,984vsd07.05.2011
  Low Leadership Roles.docx11,404docx07.05.2011
  Low Leadership.docx12,801docx25.04.2011
  LOW Roster.xls41,472xls20.01.2011
  Operation Bluegal.xls315,904xls11.12.2010
  Operation Butt 1.xls111,104xls01.01.2011
  Operation Garmar.xls35,840xls31.10.2010
  Operation Louloupoker.xls22,016xls04.11.2010
  Operation Payback.xls61,440xls19.11.2010
  Operation Payback.xlsx49,095xlsx20.11.2010
  Optimum Farming.xls83,456xls05.11.2011
  Payment details - Visa.htm1,303htm15.05.2011
  So you just found that your city is more than 1500 points.docx25,108docx23.10.2010
  Spectemur Agendo.docx16,123docx28.03.2011
  Stapleon Wall Report.xls1,903,104xls29.12.2010
  Xi Roster.docx16,495docx19.04.2012
  Xi Wall Report.xls609,280xls14.04.2011