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You will get the precise instant quote for data recovery service from the price calculator integrated into online form.

With instant quote you get all info how to proceed and be in contact with drive recovery team directly.

NOTE: If you decide to proceed with the data recovery and ship/deliver your failed device to the lab, this instant quote will be also considered as an order – with reference number, price, and technical requirements you submit in instant quote form.

Few more notes with price-related information

All Firm Prices Page

We have the set of simple and firm prices that cover data recovery cost for all types of hard drives and other data storage devices.

All rates can be seen on the single PRICE PAGE.

Being smart with Data Recovery Deals

What happens, if you cannot afford those prices or someone offered you a better deal? Before making a decision, take a moment ask yourself if you are ready to trust your drive to a place.

Any genuinely professional data recovery laboratory is a place where your drive is supposed to be taken apart (in a specialized clean room) to restore the physical access to data. It must be a place equipped with best data recovery instruments and operated by team of genuine data recovery engineers, the specialists with exceptional competence in hard drive science. There is no room for any error in any data recovery project. One single mistake may turn the media to un-repairable and unrecoverable, with no hope to restore user’s files.

If your budget is not ready to apply for safe and professional data recovery, the better solution is to postpone with the recovery (especially if time isn't of an essence) until you can afford the real help, than rush into seemingly cheap solution by going to a not-qualified for the real data recovery places like computer repair services. The result is the highest cost by all means, the permanent data loss. The catastrophic consequences of selecting the wrong service provider we see often.

DataBe is strictly professional service and customers come to us when it comes down to serious data loss issues, think of the kind of service that you cannot possibly get from other computer service providers. Our peace-of-mind service policy is simple: you pay only if you are happy with the recovery result. No payments in advance, no estimation fees, no contracts, no extras even when we have to purchase a new hard drive for parts in the attempt to retrieve your data.

So, think thoroughly of all of the above when shopping around for the right service for your data recovery problem.

Just one hint, an honest knowledgeable specialist would never offer you to try the entry level data recovery by applying some third party software utility on the failed drive, as the countdown of recovery time is ticking with every spin of the spindle.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about prices, deals, or discounts for specific data loss situations. Simply send your message and describe your situation, it will be reviewed and answered shortly.

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