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Hitachi Laptop Hard Drives We Support for Data Recovery Hitachi laptop disks

Searching for bargain data recovery for Hitachi Laptop hard drive? Getting the right people with the right tools to make this job properly done is a key for guaranteed quality service. All Legacy IBM HDD support is included.

Supported Operating Systems and machines:
  • Hitachi drives for all PC or MAC computers
  • Any MS Windows, MAC, Linux/Unix
  • VMWare virtual machines

Hitachi Laptop Hard Drives and Portable External USB drives (2.5" or smaller).
Legacy IBM HDD included.

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Peter K. Toronto, ON Canada : Hitachi HTS541616J9SA00 160GB sata laptop

Hard drive failed with clicks and noisy sound. Does not mount when I turn on the system or by trying other data recovery software like Data Rescue.

After recovery:

A+ Recovery; thanks for your efforts and successful file retrieving job!

Marshall Concrete Products Christiansburg, Virginia, United States : Hitachi HTS548080M9AT00 laptop

Computer had a fatal blue screen Kernel error message and shut down. Subsequent attempts to reboot failed with a MBR error message displayed. I could boot using a window CD, and it would boot to a D drive partition, but when you changed to the C drive at DOS level, it would not read or write to the C drive. Drive has a clicking sound when it attempts to access.

After recovery:

Thanks for the efforts to retrieve our data, it is much appreciated.

Intuit Mountain View, California, United States : Hitachi HTS541080G9AT00 laptop

The drive is failed and we're unable to boot computer. The drive has not been opened and has all the original parts. All data is very important and our IT department could not help to reinstate the hard drive in any other computers and even tried in the external casing. We belive you can help as you were recommended to us as very reliable data recovery company, being in the market for many years.

After recovery:

...your support is very much appreciated. The quality of your recovery service along with the flat rate of $490 is something unheard of down here in California. All our future needs in this zone will be directed straight to you. Many thanks...

.COM Computers Oroville, California, United States : Hitachi HTS541612J9SA00 SATA laptop

Major Failure: Unable to access the drive.
System indicated drive needed scandisk ran. Would not run in laptop. Removed drive and used bench machine to try to access it but it was not recognized. Put back in laptop and also now did not recognize it.

After recovery:

... very pleased with recovery results and turnaround time was pretty quick too...

NCR Canada Ltd. Mississauga, Ontario, Canada : Hitachi HTS424030M9AT00 laptop

Using computer one night and it just froze. I waited for 15 minutes and it was still frozen; I had to power it off with the on/off button. Upon rebooting the computer asked me for a 'hard drive' password when booting up. I have never setup a hard drive password so I don't know why it's asking for one.

After recovery:

I received DVDs, everything is in the order. Thanks for your support in getting data. My highest support of your name in data recovery business - reliable, honest, super professional.