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Fujitsu laptop hard drives we support for Data Recovery Fujitsu hard disk drive for notebook computer

The proper method of retrieving data from failed Fujitsu digital storage will contribute the significant share for the successful recovery project. Select the drive model from the row of successfully completed jobs and decide for yourself if the inaccessible files are worth the professional approach in the full-scale intensive data recovery procedure.

Fujitsu Laptop Hard Drives and Portable External USB drives (2.5" or smaller)

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A view into how Databe Lab works, from the point of view of the people we helped

Damaged LifeBook E754 from Denver Colorado, United States

The SSHD drive is experiencing a problem with booting the system. I suspect the corruption of the booting sectors. Tested hard drive on the different laptop and the same error: no drive found. The drive is a small laptop type, coming from Fujitsu laptop computer. The files I need mostly are in QuickBooks, and emails.

Your work on the drive is much appreciated. I'm pleased with the whole process; the technical support is very helpful, reliable and will definitely recommend your recovery service.

Broken Laptop disk 500 Gb from New York City

Drive isn't visible in booting screen. It has very important software on it; there are no user files or any kind of personal data. It happened when we had a power outage in our lab; the computer stopped recognized the drive after everything got back on. We're the budget organization and cannot afford the domestic recovery prices; it's just way above our heads, please help.

Thanks for your great work! nicely done: fast, professional & affordable - just as your website states.

Defective LifeBook A series from Marie P., Kingston, Ontario, Canada

The hard drive failed and the message I got on the screen was something like 'Not ready reading drive C', it clicks when powered up. The local computer repair service couldn't help saying that 'clean room' repair is needed to this kind of problem and they don't provide the required level of service. The bad hard drive is 500 GB and has many files, like personal emails, documents, scans, photos. I was told that you could make a clone of my failed hard drive, if this is all possible, I'd be the happiest.

It was very nice of you to complete the recovery in such short period of time. I picked up my computer from the shop today and was so happy to see that the new hard drive is booting and all my files are in the same places. Your work is what I call peculiar, the results are amazing and pleasing. I'll sure make a fullest recommendation of your service in our small community of Kingston's.