Packing Hints from S&R department

Our many years experience has shown us, that so many of failed hard drive owners have their own perception of packaging of their failed medium.

The most common packaging materials used to send a package are:

  • plastic or zip bags instead of anti-static plastic shells
  • crumpled paper for a cushion, instead of foam or bubble wrap
  • bubbled envelopes for a small laptop type drives, instead of boxes, etc.

The truth is that the material does not make much difference as long as the failed medium packed securely/firmly. To ship the drive you can improvise with the packing material, just follow the common sense, and we, here at DataBE are ready to receive your package and process it instantaneously for a recovery process. Safe and sound!

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How Do I Ship My Hard Drive

Before posting your package for shipping out, you need to place the online data recovery order, print out its hard copy with shipping instructions on it and carefully follow it step-by-step.

It is highly important that the already failed hard drive is boxed properly to prevent any additional damages during delivery. The choice of the courier company is entirely yours, but we do recommend those which provide the tracing number to track the package delivery status.

How Do I Pack Failed Drive for Shipping to Data Recovery Lab?
(in Examples)

Foam-Rubber for cushioning
Example 1: Cardbox with foam-rubber for cushioning

Bubble Wrap for cushioning
Example 2: UPS Express box with bubble wrap for cushioning:

You may also follow the common packaging preps to ship a failed hard drive as well as any other failed data storages:

  • To ship a BARE hard drive: Remove and retain all brackets, mounting screws and interface adapters unless otherwise instructed.
  • To ship the WHOLE unit (external enclosure, laptop, etc.) include all needed accessories and software (like power adapters, cables, drivers, controllers, etc.)
  • Place the drive inside a plastic bag (preferable anti-static material or wrap in aluminum foil). Suspend the hard drive in the center of a sturdy box of foam-rubber or bubble wrap around all sides. Use crumpled paper as cushioning material to fill any empty spaces in shipping box.
  • We recommend to ship hard drives via air service to minimize handling, such as UPS Express or UPS Expedited services, although the choice of the shipper is yours.
  • Include a printed copy of your order in the package along with your failed hard drive and ship out.

We accept any courier companies, but advise you to use a shipping method with ability to trace shipment. We accept Saturday Delivery shipments until 4pm EST.


From Jan O.M. Mashburn Construction, L.P. Roopville, GA USA: Seagate ST3500841NS Barracuda NS.2 - Recognized by BIOS - no, spinning sound - yes. I did send this to a local guy to try to restore data. He was unsuccessful.

I think I have everything I needed. I will recommend your services any time I have the opportunity. You have made me very happy. Thanks. Jan M.

From Gilbert T. Tampa, FL USA: IBM laptop - Cause of failure was some water spilled on the laptop while running. The liquid shorted the HDD circuitry and the motor. Drive dos not power-on or spin.

Thanks for your hard work and especially the option of the disc re-image. That could prove to be the life saver.

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