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What does Databe name mean?

Databe Lab was started nearly two decades ago by a small team of young professionals from the Eastern Europe who relocated to North American continent with very modest knowledge of English language (except technical). Nevertheless, just within couple of years the new data recovery lab had started operating successfully and became very busy with covering every of numerous recovery orders, not running even the website at that time.

Despite of all that kinds of flaws back in the day - the lab was very popular via “word of mouth”, and therefore really busy, and one of the reason of great success that there were only few labs in the world who ventured on opening the hard drive for repair and data restoration.

When it was a time to give a name to our website, someone of the team offered the name for the new website that was made up from the informal in-lab slogan (that sounded bold - yet promising): The DATA must BE recovered.

Of course, DataBE sounds so not-English, as some might say! Some of new Databe's customers are even complaining about difficulty to pronounce databe [data-bi] name. We realize that none of Americans or Canadians (except our old customers) have any idea how to pronounce such odd name.

Moreover, even today the Google search refuses to index the Databe as a key-word in its engine. Probably misters Sergey Brin and Larry Page think that it must be some sort of typo, because their website on attempt to find Databe almost always fails to find anything but irrelevant DATABASE-word instead of the searched right one.

Luckily, our lab is not required to be expensively online-promoted unlike other businesses to keep the production rate. Databe is pretty well-known name in the data recovery industry, worldwide from Japan and Australia to USA and Canada, and those savings return back to our clients as a low-priced and affordable service. So we are going to keep the hard to die name, sorry guys.

Why DataBE?
It took years of the hard work, development and investments to build a good data recovery lab with the proper recovery techniques. That is why any recovery tool and method is valuable asset in the expert hands. The better technique lab has, the better result gives the recovery.

From A data recovery firm from NYC, USA: Toshiba MK5076GSX HDD2J93 2.5-inch 500 Gb laptop - Stuck spindle or stalled heads. The client has told me that nothing was done to modify the drive. What would I need to do to get a recovery completed? Are the chances high for something like this?

Well done, fast repair job and all clean data.

From Peter K. Toronto, ON Canada: Hitachi HTS541616J9SA00 160GB sata laptop - Hard drive failed with clicks and noisy sound. Does not mount when I turn on the system or by trying other data recovery software like Data Rescue.

A+ Recovery; thanks for your efforts and successful file retrieving job!

From Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago: Western Digital WD25EZRX WD Caviar Green from My Book for Mac external - The new data storage is inaccessible after few attempts to revive, but the motor stops after a few clicks on every attempt to re-power a device. This drive was sent to local Data Recovery for analysis. Their quote was too expensive.

All files were recovered, we really appreciate your support in saving our data.

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