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WD2000JB-00EVA0 - WD Caviar SE, 200 Gb Western Digital Hard Disk Data Recovery

WD2000JB-00EVA0 - WD Caviar SE, 200 Gb Hard Disk Recovery
Family: WD Caviar SE
Capacity: 200 GB
Part Number/Code WD2000JB-00EVA0
Model: WD2000JB

How much is data recovery cost?

Flat rate to restore lost data from failed WD2000JB-00EVA0 200Gb Western Digital hard drive. Online access is available to track order status 24-7. No Data = No Charge.

Repair used HDD to get data back

Recovering data from old hard drive can be done much faster for specialist, because the smaller capacity of device takes less time to retrieve information from the lesser number of logical sectors with data. Databe Lab has large collection of new and older legacy hard drives ready for using as parts in repairing manipulations for data retrieval purposes.

3.5" Hard Drive (from Desktop PC or MAC) Regular Service
(3-5 days)
Emergency Service
Western Digital WD2000JB-00EVA0 200G Hard Drive
Start Data Retrieval Job for this drive:

You make a deal, we do the rest. Know the service cost in advance and save time, funds, and nerves.

We Guarantee:

You do not pay until the data you need is recovered.
No beforehand payment is ever asked, nor accepted ahead of our Recovery Report.
You may proceed with the payment only after you have reviewed the recovery process results and satisfied with its outcome.
Otherwise, no recovery labor charge.
DataBe provides fast and strictly Confidential Service.

Error getting hard disk parameters - Western Digital WD20EARX - WD Caviar Green 2Tb
Drive stops the motor after few quiet clicks with heads. All photos on the drive are important, other files are optional but would be a plus.
All recovered files have no corruption, good result. We'll send you more dead drives soon. Apple Store Montreal


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