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Western Digital WD10JMVW 1000 Gb Laptop Hard Drive Data Recovery

Data Recovery For Western Digital WD10JMVW 1000G
Family: WD Scorpio Blue
Capacity: 1000 GB
1,953 525,168 LBA size in 512-byte sectors
Model: WD10JMVW
WD 1.0TB 2.5-inch disks, USB 3.0 on PCB, four heads, two platters
Drive Repair Notes: Most data recovery jobs require donor drives for parts, due to mechanical hard drive failure. Data recovery technicians use the compatible donors for part replacement. Similar heads or electronic boards may be transplanted from FBLite: WD10JMVW-11AJGS0, WD10JMVW-11AJGS2, WD10JMVW-11AJGS3 (some labeled as WD Blue), and Firebird: WD10JMVW-11S5XS0, especially if they have same country of manufacture, close data code, DCM, and other parameters.

How much is data recovery cost?

Have your WD10JMVW 1000G Western Digital hard drive become inaccessible, perhaps making unusual clicking sounds or is too silent and appears not-spinning at all? If data on it is important – let that handle professionals. DataBE offers recovery cost for $588 flat rate. We support all WD laptop (notebook) hard drives regardless the failure symptoms. We deliver your data – Guaranteed, or you do not pay us anything.

Ready to go for data recovery with firm price?

If you have a dead, not spinning, or clicking hard drive with any obvious symptoms of the physical damage, you might just want to go ahead with a flat rate pricing.

One FLAT RATE / FIRM PRICE covers any recovery procedures needed to be taken, including clean room drive repair manipulations.

Laptop HDD Data Recovery Regular Service
(3-5 days)
Emergency Service
WD10JMVW 1000 Gb Laptop Hard Drive
Start Data Retrieval Job for this drive:

Why dead WD Drive won't spin up

The first reason why your drive doesn't spin can be damage to the electrical circuits. The burnt electronic components on the attached circuit board to the bottom of the drive or internal head arm electronic inside the drive are true candidates to be the source of dead drive silence. The noticeable smoked elements on the board, a distinctive smell with no indication of the spinning motor can tell you the clear story of the power surge mishap. Simple idea to swap board from another drive is not working for hard drives. Our specialists are able to recreate original PCB firmware using low-level access to internal microcode on platters. Then they re-program the donor's onboard ROM, making the spare part board the genuine, fully compatible, and safe to use with failed drive and access the user data

The second major cause of absolutely silent hard drive can be the heads stiction to the platter surface. Heads are normally parked at certain parking tracks on the disks just beside the spindle, or on the parking ramp outside of the platters. By some reason (sharp shake or drop) the head tips can fail to land to the correct parking spot and fell right on the disk surfaces. And they stick to disk platters! The cohesive intermolecular forces are surprisingly strong between smooth surfaces of heads and platters. There are no simple solutions to unglue the stack heads, but simple enforcing applied directly to the spindle or head arm in attempt to pull off heads from disks will lead to inevitable disk scratching and data loss.

Finally, the stuck motor spindle or the coil wire breakdown (inside the motor) will bring the data recovery task to the upper level due to the absolute necessity to transfer disks to the new drive-recipient spindle.

You make a deal, we do the rest. Know the service cost in advance and save time, funds, and nerves.

We Guarantee:

You do not pay until the data you need is recovered.
No beforehand payment is ever asked, nor accepted ahead of our Recovery Report.
You may proceed with the payment only after you have reviewed the recovery process results and satisfied with its outcome.
Otherwise, no recovery labor charge.
DataBe provides fast and strictly Confidential Service.

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