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Toshiba 2.5-inch MK ATA-8 MK1646GSX HDD2D92 160 Gb Laptop Hard Drive Data Recovery

Data Recovery For Toshiba 2.5-inch MK ATA-8 MK1646GSX HDD2D92 160G
Family: 2.5-inch MK ATA-8
Capacity: 160 GB
Part Number/Code HDD2D92
Model: MK1646GSX

How much is data recovery cost?

Has your MK1646GSX HDD2D92 160G Toshiba hard drive failed? Experiencing data loss? Have you shopped around and all odds are against your budget? DataBE data recovery is for you. Let us handle your faulty Toshiba and you will get your data – save & sound. The best possible results guaranteed at $488 - regardless the complexity of recovery. Let us help you and your wallet.

Ready to go for data recovery with firm price?

If you have a dead, not spinning, or clicking hard drive with any obvious symptoms of the physical damage, you might just want to go ahead with a flat rate pricing.

One FLAT RATE / FIRM PRICE covers any recovery procedures needed to be taken, including clean room drive repair manipulations.

Laptop HDD Data Recovery Regular Service
(3-5 days)
Emergency Service
2.5-inch MK ATA-8 MK1646GSX HDD2D92 160 Gb Laptop Hard Drive
Start Data Retrieval Job for this drive:

You make a deal, we do the rest. Know the service cost in advance and save time, funds, and nerves.

We Guarantee:

You do not pay until the data you need is recovered.
No beforehand payment is ever asked, nor accepted ahead of our Recovery Report.
You may proceed with the payment only after you have reviewed the recovery process results and satisfied with its outcome.
Otherwise, no recovery labor charge.
DataBe provides fast and strictly Confidential Service.

MK5076GSX HDD2J93 Problem:
Circumstances of failure: During use, I received a blue DOS screen indicating that 'Windows was shutting down to prevent further damage'. I powered down and attempted to restart, at which point I immediately receive a DOS screen indicating that 'no boot sector' is detected. I don't hear any clicking, and the drive does not appear to spin.
Steps taken: Removed (but never opened) the drive, inserted it into external USB device, and attempted to access data on a separate computer, which obviously wasn't successful.
I wanted to let you know that we were finally able to access the recovered data from the drive you sent. Yeah! Please go ahead and delete the copy of our data you have on file. Thank you for all of your help! Best regards, Peter Peter K. Hitachi Kinzoku Itabashi Shataku Tokyo Japan


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