Open Hard Drive

Open drive is always a headache for data recovery technician. Doesn’t matter either it was an unprofessional intrusion by curious user or a recovery attempt in some professional data recovery. Most of such cases are related to ‘second opinion’ recovery try.
If you have an open drive for recovery, be ready for the ‘tampered fee’ that is paid upfront the service and non-refundable regardless the recovery result.

Technically, the ‘tampered fee’ is a premium, paid to cover the technician’s time and lab’s resources utilized for unrecoverable projects. Other-words, it is a payment for the checking if the open drive is recoverable or not.

Databe won’t charge tampered fee for open drive with obvious sign of non-recoverability (visually noticeable scratches on the surface and ‘black’ air-filter inside the drive). The other words, when we do not proceed with the recovery.

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