Data recovery clean-room techniques

Welcome to Databe Drive Recovery Lab

Specialists from Databe Laboratory are using only the best and trusted data recovery clean-room techniques for any of serious data restoration project that require opening the hard drive for inspection and repairing.

4 thoughts on “Data recovery clean-room techniques

  1. I’ve dropped my drive and not sure if it’s worth to send to your lab for file retrieval service. What is the success rate for dropped hard drives according to your statistics?

    • The best recovery rate among ‘dropped’ hard drives belongs to the group of users who send such drives straight to the lab, avoiding any tests and/or recovery attempts directly from damaged drives. The real problem with dropped drives happens when someone trying to power the ‘sick drive’, making the disks spinning and scratching the bent heads.

  2. I opened the cover of my drive, and now it’s completely dead. Can you clean the disks in the clean room and retrieve the pictures and photos stored on the drive?

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