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IBM Desktop: How to Remove the Hard Drive

Before you start...

  • Remove any media (diskettes, CDs, or tapes) from the drives, shut down your operating system, and turn off all attached devices.
  • Remove any locking devices such as a padlock or Kensington lock that secure the computer cover.

Hard drive removal - ThinkCentre A53, A55, A60, M55e

1. Remove the cover of the computer case:

  • Press the cover-release button on the right side cover, slide the cover to the rear, and remove.

IBM Desktop computer: How to remove the cover

2. To remove the hard drive:

  • Disconnect the signal and power cables from the hard drive.
  • Press the release tab, pull back the hard drive bay, and pivot the hard drive outward to avoid the heat sink when removing the hard drive.
  • Use the blue handle to remove hard drive from drive bay.

IBM Desktop computer: How to remove the cover

Hard drive removal - 3000 J100, 105, J110, J115 / ThinkCentre E50, E51

1. Remove the cover: Remove the two screws at the rear of the computer cover and slide the cover to the rear to remove.

IBM Desktop computer: How to remove the cover
2. Remove the drive bay assembly.

  • Remove the front bezel by releasing the three tabs and pivoting the top of the bezel outward.
  • Remove the two screws at the front of the chassis securing the drive bay assembly.
  • Slide the drive bay assembly forward until it stops. Disconnect the power supply and signal cables from the drives. Pivot the rear of the drive bay assembly upward to remove it completely from the computer.
    Note: To allow easier access to the cables, lift the fan plenum off the heat sink.

IBM Desktop computer: How to remove the cover

  • Remove the two screws that secure the hard drive bracket.
  • From the front of the chassis, slide the drive bracket to the left until it is free of the retaining clips in the bottom of the chassis. It can now be can be removed from the chassis.
    Disconnect the signal and power cables from the rear of the hard drive.
  • Remove the four screws that secure the hard drive to the bracket and remove the drive from the bracket.

IBM Desktop computer: How to remove the cover

After you are done with the hard drive removal you may proceed to placing the data recovery order.

Failed drive - Toshiba MK2016GAP laptop from Andrews Univeristy Berrien Springs, Michigan USA
» Mother board failure. Directory is OK, but was unable to read data files and transfer.

I am so grateful to you for recovering our data. Your quick and professional work is greatly appreciated. Thank you!
Gordon A.

Failed drive - IBM IC25N030ATCS04-0 laptop from George R. Seattle, Washington USA
» Probably, heat-related situation. Put in USB enclosure. I think the drive BIOS worked in the enclosure, but no data.

Dear Sirs,
Thanks a lot for recovering my data! Excellent service and good experience.
George R.

Failed drive - Fujitsu MHT2040AH laptop from Benjamin L. Malibu, CA USA
» Events:
The computer was on the ground and a person accidentally kicked the side of the computer (exactly where the hard drive is located).
Recovery Attempts (3 months ago):
1.) Used an enclosure to try to extract data. Failed.
2.) Tried to bypass the OS by booting Linux from a CD. Failed.
3.) Sent it to a hard drive specialist's company. They couldn't do it for under $500, so I got it back. Failed.
However, the actual hard drive was never manually tampered with.

THANK YOU! Got it all back, looks perfect...

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