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HP Pavilion N5000 series: How to Remove the Hard Drive

Before extracting the hard drive from PC case:

  • Always shut down the computer before opening it to avoid damaging its internal components
  • Unplug the power cord and external cables from the computer
  • Remove the battery
  • Remove screws securing the hard drive cover and remove the hard drive
  • Do not forget to remove the bracket and a connector bar from the hard drive, if they used on your model
  • Keep these screws and brackets for the new drive installation

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If you want remove the Pavilion N5000 drive, we recommend that you allow a qualified service person to do it. If you decide to remove the drive yourself, follow these instructions carefully.


HP Pavilion Notebook PC hard disk drive is located in the middle of the computer. To remove hdd:

1. Turn off computer, unplug all cables, and remove the battery.

2. Close the display, and from the rear of the computer remove the two Phillips screws from the back of the plastic hinge covers.

3.Lean the display backward as far as possible, so that it is out of the way.

4.Carefully pry up the plastic cover above the keyboard at the hinges, using a flathead screwdriver, and remove it.

5.Unscrew the four Phillips screws at the top of the keyboard. (They remain attached to the keyboard.)

6. Slide the keyboard backward to detach it, then tilt it forward and turn it upside down. (Keep the keyboard cable attached.)

7.Unscrew the four Phillips-head screws from the sides of the hard disk drive case. (They remain attached to the case.)

8. Tilt up the rear of the hard disk drive case and, pulling gently by the strap, detach it from the connector and lift it out of the computer.

How to remove hard drive from HP Pavilion laptop

After you are done with the hard drive removal you may proceed to placing the data recovery order.

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