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Dennis or Bill
Automated Technologies Computer Services
St. Peters, Missouri USA

Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 ST3750330AS

Upon boot up reads hard drive failure, bios sees drive tried to read off another computer...

Thank you for your recovery services, much appreciated.
Dennis W.
Systems analyst

Tom G.
Innovative Mortgage
Bolingbrook, IL USA

Western Digital WD1600BEVS 160 laptop

Drive started making noise but worked, it would not boot once in a while, now will not boot at all.

Great work, excellent service. Should the need ever arise again (let's hope not) I will use you again.
Thank you,
Tom G.

Waste Management
Robert N.
Wixom, MI USA

Toshiba MK4026GAX laptop

Unable to access the drive; Events leading up to the drive failure power failure at user's location. The hard drive was opened to determine if disk was spinning and whether armature had seized. The hard drive was opened and cover of it destroyed.

Thank you for your services provided in our situation...

Leslie T.,
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Seagate FreeAgent Go, 250GB mobile

I've had this Agent Go for about a year and now it's not recognized by any computer, actually I tried it on quiet few, and then it started making clicks. In Staples where I took it I was recommended to data recovery by Seagate, and they said data is recoverable and quoted me for $2,300 - I would love to get my files back as I need them desperately, but cannot afford such luxury. If only you could help me, your flat rate of $490 probably the fairest price so far.

What a relief I had when recieved the recovery report from you with all details of recovered files. I was reviewing it and my heart was about to jump off, you made me so happy. The best data recovery company with the best prices in GTA - no questions! All the best and many great recoveries to technical department..

Carl, a Computer repair partner in Kitchener

Fujitsu MHZ2500BT 500Gb laptop

That is exactly the same path as on your attached screenshot. There is no other data on the recovered external hard drive. Client has stated they do not care about Roboform.

It looks like you could succeed to get what the user is looking for (backups from an image file which contain drive letter 'F' so the client does not want the rest of the data).

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