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Jessica J.
Abramson Cancer Center, Univ. Penn.
Philadelphia, PA USA

Toshiba MK1031GAS 100 GB laptop

Last week while watching a DVD, a blue error message suddenly flashed on the screen for a few seconds before blacking out. The message read something to the effect of "Windows has detected an error...." I tried restarting several times to no avail - the computer will power on but it doesn't sound like the hard drive is spinning at all, and the screen remains black. Fortunately, it is under warranty but I have to back up my data before sending it in for service. The IT guys at my work removed the hard drive from the laptop and put it in an external case, but said they couldn't retrieve anything and that I would have to get a data recovery lab to investigate the issue.

Thank you soooooooo much!!! -- Jessica

Michael R.
Warren, Ohio United States

Western Digital WD3200BEKT WD Scorpio Black 320 Gb laptop

Hard drive started to click and wouldn't boot but Bios could read it. Started recovery with Winternal's Disk Commander then drive died. Bios now won't detect it nor will Winternals.

..your amazing work in recovering my files from the dead drive is hugely appreciated. I'll recommend your outstanding service without stipping clients to the last thread to many-many people of my network - as here, in Ohio, we don't have any firm that can offer the same level of service at the same range of cost.. too greedy!

Fairport, New York USA

IBM IC35L060AVV207-0


Dear Sirs,
Thanks a lot for your great services. My Outlook data is back and I'm very pleased with the results.
Thanks again,

Tom H.
Rockwall, TX USA


I had to reboot the system after not using for awhile. When the PC rebooted, the HDD that I am sending you was not recognized. I checked in the BIOS setup and the IDE channel is still active, but it reports no drive is attached. The only thing I've done is checking the drive in BIOS and powered up the drive without the IDE connection. The drive spun up and didn't make any unusual noises. I stopped at that point from trying to do anything after I read your web site warning about trying to change the electronics.

Dear Databe,
It looks like you are able to access all my files and save the data. Thank you for your quick, professional approach to my problem.
Thank you,
Tom H.

Databe partner in Alberta

Toshiba MQ01ABD050 HDKEB03H0A01 laptop

The drive has one of four surfaces is totally scratched, other are partially affected too.
Most of the data have few unreadable sectors and may be usable, but the big files may have many blank sectors inside and therefore totally unusable. So, the recovered data should be organized in three folders (preferably):
1. All recovered (the copy of all files - of clean and with errors altogether)
2. Separated - clean only
3. Separated - with errors only

Thanks on the great delivery effort on our last order! Awesome results!

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